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Added new function video_get_view_for_target() which selects a view based
on a command-line parameter and the configuration. Changed Windows OSD code to use this instead of its own logic. Changed -snapview to share the logic as well, enabling 'auto' as a -snapview option.
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@@ -487,8 +487,9 @@ Core state/playback options
Note that <viewname> does not need to be a perfect match; rather, it
will select the first view whose name matches all the characters
specified by <viewname>. For example, -snapview native will match the
- "Native (15:14)" view even though it is not a perfect match. The
- default value is 'internal'.
+ "Native (15:14)" view even though it is not a perfect match.
+ <viewname> can also be 'auto', which selects the first view with all
+ screens present. The default value is 'internal'.
-mngwrite <filename>