BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastercxd1185: fixes (nw)GravatarGravatar Patrick Mackinlay3 hours
devcb-no-spaceTrying to remove space from devcb... the drivers kinda disagree....GravatarGravatar Olivier Galibert20 hours
release0220namco_c355spr.cpp : Fix copybitmapGravatarGravatar cam9002 days
psx_metafix130 to goGravatarGravatar angelosa3 weeks
memory-testemumem: Simplify memory management. [O. Galibert]GravatarGravatar Olivier Galibert3 weeks
voodoo_directx11Comment out unused variable and add emu.h to appease VSGravatarGravatar Ted Green5 weeks
cdimono2_wip-cdimono2: Added more logging for SERVO ports, nwGravatarGravatar MooglyGuy3 months
jaguar_newioFix Jaguar irq line to 2, trustedGravatarGravatar angelosa3 months
arm3_coproMinor notesGravatarGravatar angelosa7 months
vrender0_3More accurate vrender0 pipeline inner working, fixes donghaer split screen at...GravatarGravatar angelosa7 months
mame0219mame0219.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb5 weeks
mame0218mame0218.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb2 months
mame0217mame0217.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb3 months
mame0216mame0216.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb4 months
mame0215mame0215.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb5 months
mame0214mame0214.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb6 months
mame0213mame0213.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb7 months
mame0212mame0212.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb8 months
mame0211mame0211.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb9 months
mame0210mame0210.tar.bz2  GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb10 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
3 hourscxd1185: fixes (nw)HEADmasterGravatarGravatar Patrick Mackinlay1-21/+32
4 hoursNew NOT_WORKING software list additions (#6513)GravatarGravatar ClawGrip1-0/+12
6 hourssnes.xml: fixed Asterix year according to MT07603 (nw)GravatarGravatar Ivan Vangelista1-1/+1
11 hoursRevert "ui: remove clock freqs trailing 0s on machine info screen (nw)"GravatarGravatar hap2-54/+43
11 hoursui: remove clock freqs trailing 0s on machine info screen (nw)GravatarGravatar hap2-43/+54
13 hourswd_fdc.cpp: Save INTRQ and DRQ states (nw)GravatarGravatar AJR1-0/+2
13 hoursdgnalpha: Fix disk boot by removing old hack to ignore first FDC IRQGravatarGravatar AJR2-29/+9
14 hourscp2000: higher cpu clock (nw)GravatarGravatar hap2-6/+15
15 hoursdiexec: Eliminate pulse_input_line_and_vector (nw)GravatarGravatar AJR7-31/+10
17 hourspdp1: That cpu does not use the vector infrastructure (nw)GravatarGravatar Olivier Galibert1-2/+2
17 hourss2650: Get the vector from the ack reqeust, remove use of set_input_line_and_...GravatarGravatar Olivier Galibert13-24/+27
17 hoursspg2xx: Fix m_functions.empty() assert in debug build (nw)GravatarGravatar AJR1-1/+0
18 hourshd63484: Simplify and unify handlers (nw)GravatarGravatar AJR8-94/+91
19 hoursNew working machinesGravatarGravatar Dirk Best2-62/+449
19 hoursm68hc05: Only reset due to NCOP when it's enabledGravatarGravatar Dirk Best1-1/+1
22 hoursokim6258.cpp: fixed crashes in debug builds in the devnoclear branch (nw)GravatarGravatar Ivan Vangelista1-0/+1
22 hourspdc.cpp: fixed 'm_functions.empty()' assert in debug builds (nw)GravatarGravatar Ivan Vangelista1-4/+0
23 hourssag: forgot to make console devices private (nw)GravatarGravatar hap1-5/+5
23 hourssag: more setnames more descriptive (nw)GravatarGravatar hap7-28/+34
24 hoursmissed one (nw)GravatarGravatar smf-1-2/+2
24 hoursmyb3k_kbd.cpp: fixed 'index < Count' assert when run in the devnoclear branch...GravatarGravatar Ivan Vangelista1-0/+2
25 hoursremoved more dummy_space() and other miscellaneous space passing (nw)GravatarGravatar smf-58-146/+138
29 hoursNew working clonesGravatarGravatar Ivan Vangelista2-1/+58
32 hoursremoved more dummy_space() calls (nw)GravatarGravatar smf-39-125/+122
33 hoursadd gunfight to nl.lst *nw*GravatarGravatar Stiletto1-0/+4