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Cleaned up software bilinear filtering code. Added bounds checking.
Enabled by default for snapshots and movie rendering. Added new option: -snapsize, which lets you specify the target resolution for snapshots and movies. The existing behavior is still the default: create snapshots and movies at native pixel resolutions. Added new option: -snapview, which lets you specify a particular view to use for rendering snapshots and movies. The existing behavior is still the default: use a special internal view and render each screen to its own snapshot in its own file. When using this option to specify a view other than 'internal', only a single snapshot file will be produced regardless of how many screens the game has. Improved AVI and MNG recording to properly duplicate/skip frames as appropriate to keep the correct framerate.
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and names the snapshots under it starting with 0000 and increasing
from there.
+-snapsize <width>x<height>
+ Hard-codes the size for snapshots and movie recording. By default,
+ MAME will create snapshots at the game's current resolution in raw
+ pixels, and will create movies at the game's starting resolution in
+ raw pixels. If you specify this option, then MAME will create both
+ snapshots and movies at the size specified, and will bilinear filter
+ the result. Note that this size does not automatically rotate if the
+ game is vertically oriented. The default is 'auto'.
+-snapview <viewname>
+ Specifies the view to use when rendering snapshots and movies. By
+ default, both use a special 'internal' view, which renders a separate
+ snapshot per screen or renders movies only of the first screen. By
+ specifying this option, you can override this default behavior and
+ select a single view that will apply to all snapshots and movies.
+ Note that <viewname> does not need to be a perfect match; rather, it
+ will select the first view whose name matches all the characters
+ specified by <viewname>. For example, -snapview native will match the
+ "Native (15:14)" view even though it is not a perfect match. The
+ default value is 'internal'.
-mngwrite <filename>
Writes each video frame to the given <filename> in MNG format,