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Added uncompressed AVI recording. Extended aviio to be able
to write RGB bitmaps. Unfortunately, the only option is fully uncompressed, which means the resulting AVIs are *HUGE* and may not play correctly in realtime due to high data rate. The intention is that these uncompressed AVIs are post-processed by other utilities to compress the video and produce a realtime playable result. Added new command-line option -aviwrite which works just like -mngwrite, except it produces AVIs and streams sound to them. Updated documentation accordingly. Shift+F12 still produces MNGs for now, though this might change in the future. Modified fileio.c to retain the full pathname to the file so that it can be queried while the file is open.
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@@ -461,6 +461,12 @@ Core state/playback options
for that, and reassemble the audio/video using offline tools. The
default is NULL (no recording).
+-aviwrite <filename>
+ Stream video and sound data to the given <filename> in AVI format,
+ producing an animation of the game session complete with sound. The
+ default is NULL (no recording).
-wavwrite <filename>
Writes the final mixer output to the given <filename> in WAV format,