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Changed behavior of -watchdog option to act like a real watchdog. It now
specifies the number of seconds after the last video update that will cause auto-termination of MAME. Also modified it to output a message when the watchdog triggers the exit. Updated windows.txt to reflect this option and the debugger_font options which were never previously documented.
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@@ -25,6 +25,25 @@ Windows debugging options
the same time as -log to output the log data to both targets as well.
Default is OFF (-nooslog).
+-watchdog <duration> / -wdog <duration>
+ Enables an internal watchdog timer that will automatically kill the MAME
+ process if more than <duration> seconds passes without a frame update.
+ Keep in mind that some games sit for a while during load time without
+ updating the screen, so <duration> should be long enough to cover that.
+ 10-30 seconds on a modern system should be plenty in general. By default
+ there is no watchdog.
+-debugger_font <fontname> / -dfont <fontname>
+ Specifies the name of the font to use for debugger windows. By default,
+ the font is Lucida Console.
+-debugger_font_size <points> / -dfontsize <points>
+ Specifies the size of the font to use for debugger windows, in points.
+ By default, this is set to 9pt.
Windows performance options
@@ -44,7 +63,7 @@ Windows performance options
which can improve performance on hyperthreaded and multicore systems.
The default is OFF (-nomultithreading).
--numprocessors <auto|value>
+-numprocessors <auto|value> / -np <auto|value>
Specify the number of processors to use for work queues. Specifying
"auto" will use the value reported by the system or environment
variable OSDPROCESSORS. To avoid abuse, this value is internally limited
@@ -52,6 +71,7 @@ Windows performance options
The default is "auto".
Windows video options
@@ -79,7 +99,7 @@ Windows video options
physical monitor, aspect ratio, resolution, and view, which can be
set using the options below. The default is 1.
+-[no]window / -[no]w
Run MAME in either a window or full screen. The default is OFF