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Added new option -snapname which lets you provide a template for how snapshot
names are generated. Added new astring functions astring_del, astring_replace, and astring_replacec to help perform simple search/replace substitution.
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(.cfg), NVRAM (.nv), and memory card files deleted. The default is
NULL (no recording).
+-snapname <name>
+ Describes how MAME should name files for snapshots. <name> is a string
+ that provides a template that is used to generate a filename. Three
+ simple substitutions are provided: the / character represents the
+ path separator on any target platform (even Windows); the string %g
+ represents the driver name of the current game; and the string %i
+ represents an incrementing index. If %i is omitted, then each
+ snapshot taken will overwrite the previous one; otherwise, MAME will
+ find the next empty value for %i and use that for a filename. The
+ default is %g/%i, which creates a separate folder for each game,
+ and names the snapshots under it starting with 0000 and increasing
+ from there.
-mngwrite <filename>
Writes each video frame to the given <filename> in MNG format,