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Added support for OSD-generated fonts. The OSD is queried first to see
if it owns a given font (based on the name), and if it does, it is responsible for generating bitmaps on the fly as characters are requested. Added new option -uifont to specify the UI font. It can be set to a filename, in which case a BDF font will be loaded. It can also be set to a font name (assuming the OSD support is present), in which case the OSD font by that name is used. The default value is 'default' which can be used by the OSD to substitute a default font or by the OSD, which will default to ui.bdf as before. In all cases, it falls back to the built-in font by default if none of the previous options works. On Windows, the OSD will default to Tahoma as the font name. Also on Windows, font names can be specified with [b] to indicate bold or [i] to indicate italic.
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@@ -1004,3 +1004,11 @@ Core misc options
Forces MAME to skip displaying the game info screen. The default is
OFF (-noskip_gameinfo).
+-uifont <fontname>
+ Specifies the name of a BDF font file to use for the UI font. If this
+ font cannot be found or cannot be loaded, the system will fall back
+ to its built-in UI font. On some platforms 'fontname' can be a system
+ font name instead of a BDF font file. The default is 'default' (use
+ the OSD-determined default font).