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Initial shader import (nw)
Focus: 8-sample blur that averages 7 samples around a center sample. Phosphor: Not currently used, treated as a pass-through by drawd3d.c, but could be used to implement additional convolutions in a second pass. Pincushion: Used (when commented in in drawd3d.c) to pincushion an entire full-screen texture but not otherwise apply any convolutions. Post: The meat and potatoes. It does scanlines, it does aperture masking, it does dot crawl, it does chroma subsampling, it does YIQ colorspace convolution, it does RGB colorspace convolution, it does pincushioning, it walks, it talks, it does the dishes, it'll screw your wife for you, and if you don't have a wife it will find one for you, get you married to her, and screw her for you, IT IS THAT GOOD, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN. Primary: Simple passthrough for UI and artwork.
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