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* Move all pci_device methods to new interface class device_pci_interface. Chan...aaron-pci-cleanup Aaron Giles2021-07-143-88/+108
* Cleanup, phase 1: Rename all pci_device methods and member variables to have ... Aaron Giles2021-07-1457-828/+803
* voodoo: Fix dither subtraction. Fixes squares around balls in virtpool. Aaron Giles2021-07-131-1/+1
* Merge pull request #8292 from cam900/patch-177 ajrhacker2021-07-131-1/+1
| * joypad2.cpp: Fix pin naming cam9002021-07-131-1/+1
* -pce.cpp: Converted PC Engine controller ports to slot devices. (#8028) cam9002021-07-1315-281/+1258
* bus/nes: Added emulation for two more Kaiser bootlegs, fixed a third. (#8277) 0kmg2021-07-136-89/+236
* hh_tms1k: fix copypaste mistake hap2021-07-131-2/+2
* New working machines hap2021-07-1313-42/+423
* voodoo: Improve fidelity of synchronization points. Add synchronization back ... Aaron Giles2021-07-126-34/+67
* bus/nes: Added support for a couple Chinese unlicensed carts. (#8195) 0kmg2021-07-138-32/+257
* c64_cass.xml: 30 new dumps (#8282) Steven Coomber2021-07-121-6/+503
* c64_cass: 17 new dumps (#8232) Steven Coomber2021-07-121-1/+255
* Merge pull request #8289 from algestam/gnw_manholeg_doc_fix ajrhacker2021-07-121-1/+1
| * gnw_manholeg: fix game serial id in docs (nw) algestam2021-07-121-1/+1
* Merge pull request #8286 from clawgrip/patch-2 ajrhacker2021-07-111-12/+12
| * chexx.cpp: Dumped "Olimpic Hockey" samples [Museo del Recreativo, Recreativas... ClawGrip2021-07-111-12/+12
* sym1: added cassette interface Robbbert2021-07-121-6/+53
* MAKE_INT_8 fails on GCC/ARM (#8285) David Viens2021-07-111-11/+1
* poly.h: Fix DEBUG=1 builds AJR2021-07-111-2/+3
* New working clones Ivan Vangelista2021-07-112-1/+34
* poly: Early out of waits if no outstanding work. Aaron Giles2021-07-111-0/+4
* voodoo: Improve pixel pipeline throughput for LFB writes. Helps gtfore and re... Aaron Giles2021-07-113-47/+28
* Added BIOS versions and documentation for various motherboards located in pc,... rfka012021-07-114-638/+1501
* voodoo: Fix LOD calculations. Improve LOD calculation accuracy. Remove stw_he... Aaron Giles2021-07-102-205/+117
* apple2e.cpp: enable 80-column display on page 2 [Peter Ferrie] Peter Ferrie2021-07-101-2/+2
* voodoo: Increase vretrace cycles to 2 so mace will boot again. Add missing ra... Aaron Giles2021-07-103-11/+8
* chanbara.cpp - render low priority sprites (#8269) David Haywood2021-07-101-39/+43
* batman.cpp - offset layers to align with real PCB videos (#8275) David Haywood2021-07-106-6/+22
* Fixed a few doco strings. Robbbert2021-07-104-2/+5
* magic10.cpp: added ticket and hopper devices [Grull Osgo] Ivan Vangelista2021-07-101-19/+42
* magic10.cpp: split in subclasses, used arrays Ivan Vangelista2021-07-101-241/+264
* acrnsys.cpp: change keyboard default to the real keyboard (MT 08020) (#8279) Steven Coomber2021-07-101-1/+1
* dgpix.cpp: added list of undumped games (#8257) HeroponRikiBestest2021-07-101-8/+14
* - cham24.cpp: added placeholder for missing MCU dump Ivan Vangelista2021-07-102-64/+82
* Merge pull request #8278 from drojaazu/sega_mega_cd_prgram_from_main_fix ajrhacker2021-07-091-2/+2
| * Read/write handlers for PRGRAM access from Main side was using u16 for the ca... Damian R2021-07-101-2/+2
* | voodoo: Restore some cycle stealing on vretrace to allow sfrush to boot. Aaron Giles2021-07-091-0/+3
* | Merge pull request #8276 from clawgrip/patch-7 ajrhacker2021-07-091-7/+7
|\ \
| * | chexx.cpp: Fix 'olihockeya' ROM hashes ClawGrip2021-07-091-7/+7
* | | mb86233: refine the patch to only do fp-type flag setting on fp operations [R... Olivier Galibert2021-07-092-27/+33
|/ /
* | Disable another MSVC warning that is known to be noisy (and which showed up w... Aaron Giles2021-07-091-0/+1
* | voodoo: fix compile error hap2021-07-092-2/+2
* | model1: re-add vf note hap2021-07-092-1/+5
* | mb86233: Fix flags behaviour on -0, seems to fix virtua fighter and motorraid... Olivier Galibert2021-07-093-29/+31
* | -bus/nes: Added support for two more FDS bootlegs, fixed another. (#8247) 0kmg2021-07-097-14/+252
* | bus/nes: Fixed Kaiser Metroid, promoted games to working. (#8204) 0kmg2021-07-093-17/+14
* | bus/nes: Fixed broken graphics for mapper 226 (two pirate multicarts). (#8266) 0kmg2021-07-093-44/+20
* | emu/emumem*: Removed endianness template parameter from handler_entry_read, h... ajrhacker2021-07-0931-3130/+1847
* | -bus/a2bus: Added //SHH SYSTEME LANceGS Card. (#8264) ksherlock2021-07-097-28/+280