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PowerPC dynamic recompiler: [Aaron Giles]
- rewrote PowerPC implementation as a dynamic recompiler on top of the universal recompiler engine - wrote a front-end to analyze PowerPC code paths and register usage - wrote a common shared module with C implementations of tricky CPU behaviors - added separate CPU types for the variants supported, instead of relying on a hidden model enum - rewrote the serial port emulation for the 4xx series to be more accurate and not rely on separate DMA handlers - rewrote the MMU handling to implement a software TLB that faults in pages and handles changed bits appropriately - implemented emulation of the PowerPC 603's software TLB, which allows the model 3 games to run without a hack to disable the MMU Updated the PowerPC disassembler to share constants with the rest of the core, and to more aggressively use simplified mnemonics, especially for branches. [Aaron Giles] Universal recompiler: - fixed frontend to handle opcode widths different from bus width - added several new opcodes: * (D)GETFLGS - copies the UML flags to a destination operand * FDRNDS - rounds a double precision value to single precision - renamed several opcodes: * SETC -> CARRY * XTRACT -> ROLAND * INSERT -> ROLINS - consolidated the following opcodes: * LOAD?U -> LOAD * LOAD?S -> LOADS * STORE? -> STORE * READ?U -> READ * READ?M -> READM * WRITE? -> WRITE * WRITM? -> WRITEM * SEXT? -> SEXT * FTOI?? -> FTOINT * FFRI? -> FFRINT * FFRF? -> FFRFLT - removed some opcodes: * FLAGS - can be done with GETFLGS/LOAD4/ROLINS * ZEXT - can be achieved with AND * READ?S - can be achieved with READ/SEXT - updated C, x86, and x64 back-ends to support these opcode changes - updated disassembler to support these opcode changes MIPS3 dynamic recompiler: - updated to use new/changed opcode forms - changed context switch so that it only swaps a single pointer Konami Hornet changes: [Aaron Giles] - updated to new PowerPC configurations - updated some memory handlers to be native 8-bit handlers - cleaned up JVS implementation to work with new serial code - added fast RAM for the work RAM to give a small speed boost Konami GTI Club changes: [Aaron Giles] - updated to new PowerPC configurations - updated some memory handlers to be native 8-bit handlers Konami Viper/ZR107 changes: [Aaron Giles] - updated to new PowerPC configurations Sega Model 3 changes: [Aaron Giles] - updated to new PowerPC configurations - reimplemented/centralized interrupt handling - these games are broken for the moment Fixed crasher due to some Konami games using 8 layers in the K056832 implementation, even though it was only written for 4. [Aaron Giles] Added fisttp opcode to i386 disassembler. [Aaron Giles]
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diff --git a/makefile b/makefile
index 5b162f5a2da..b587e5b73c6 100644
--- a/makefile
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@@ -111,9 +111,6 @@ endif
# a native backend
-# uncomment next line to use DRC PowerPC engine
-X86_PPC_DRC = 1
@@ -159,11 +156,6 @@ BUILD_ZLIB = 1
# sanity check the configuration
-# disable DRC cores for 64-bit builds
-ifdef PTR64
-X86_PPC_DRC =
# specify a default optimization level if none explicitly stated
ifndef SYMBOLS