BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
asmjitasmjit: mame integration Patrick Mackinlay6 months
barcrestmpu4: remove extra mpu4_reels call, fixes validation Olivier Galibert4 weeks
lindbergh_explindbergh.cpp: quick and dirty VGA control, just to have a video output angelosa2 months
masterpentagon.cpp: cleanup + MT08390 (#10194) holub5 hours
pc98floppypc9821.cpp: start exposing PEGC 256 color mode, fixes at very least aitd angelosa2 months
saturn_vdp_splitsegasaturn_vdp2.cpp: add m_gfxdecode device, fix startup crash. Add notes rev... angelosa8 months
save_structsUpdate voodoo code to leverage new save_registrar instead of its own temporar... Aaron Giles11 months
time-experimentsRemaining fixes Aaron Giles12 months
time-experiments2Stop memsetting structures. Aaron Giles11 months
vamphalf_misncrftvamphalf.cpp: move wyvernwg to own state machine, add some basic protection t... angelosa5 months
mame0246commit 205b03897c... Vas Crabb9 days
mame0245commit 5d31f0fc97... Vas Crabb6 weeks
mame0244commit bcf77373a5... Vas Crabb3 months
mame0243commit addbb8ab40... Vas Crabb3 months
mame0242commit e8166b5274... Vas Crabb4 months
mame0241commit 31f001e501... Vas Crabb5 months
mame0240commit f0ab44fe1c... Vas Crabb6 months
mame0239commit 80bcaea1ed... Vas Crabb7 months
mame0238commit fb21b78904... Vas Crabb8 months
mame0237commit 34d8357465... Vas Crabb9 months
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
2011-12-24Clean-ups and version bumpmame0144u4 Angelo Salese20-112/+112
2011-12-24Various changes for Neo-Geo driver [Johnboy]: Angelo Salese2-254/+293
2011-12-24Added proper ROM labels for Taxi Driver [f205v] Angelo Salese6-68/+68
2011-12-24Merged dacholer.c and itaten.c drivers, fixes priority and sprite Y positions... Angelo Salese4-625/+310
2011-12-24fixed comment (no whatsnew) Yasuhiro Ogawa1-4/+2
2011-12-24Fixed irq ack in Itazura Tenshi [Angelo Salese] Angelo Salese1-7/+14
2011-12-24Fine-tuned the audio related xtal/clocks for Itazura Tenshi to match up to a ... Scott Stone1-4/+4
2011-12-24Fixed SHA1 for calchase Angelo Salese1-8/+8
2011-12-24Fixed VGA line compare register masking, makes Windows 98 logo to display cor... Angelo Salese2-5/+5
2011-12-24Other improvements to California Chase, it shows Windows 98 logo [Grull Osgo] Angelo Salese9-14/+17
2011-12-24New game added Yasuhiro Ogawa4-0/+546
2011-12-23eeprom.c: Changed the 'erase' function to force all data bits of the specifie... Wilbert Pol1-2/+2
2011-12-23Hooked up VGA device to Photo Play [Angelo Salese] Angelo Salese1-203/+22
2011-12-23Noted that gamtor.c uses VGA Angelo Salese1-1/+1
2011-12-23Converted gamtor.c to use the RAMDAC device [Angelo Salese] Angelo Salese2-34/+16
2011-12-23Overlooked this Angelo Salese1-7/+7
2011-12-23Yeah, this is a blantant abuse of power ... Angelo Salese13-2255/+2277
2011-12-23Everything else ... Angelo Salese50-1184/+1163
2011-12-23skeletor V to S Michaël Banaan Ananas26-263/+263
2011-12-23skeleton from # to G Angelo Salese32-2149/+2149
2011-12-23obvious skeletons Z to V Michaël Banaan Ananas16-461/+461
2011-12-23GREP mission: added two new mask flags, GAME_IS_SKELETON & GAME_IS_SKELETON_M... Angelo Salese5-3011/+3014
2011-12-23Small fix for z180 stat1 reset register, nw Angelo Salese2-1/+16
2011-12-23softlist now copies all parts too to loaded software_info section (no whatsnew) Miodrag Milanovic1-19/+25
2011-12-23Added, and made Mr. Do! use the U8106 soundchip, which as far Jonathan Gevaryahu4-4/+23