BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
aaron-nl3005: latest updates Aaron Giles6 months
android-updates-toolchain.lua: Updated for latest NDK, nw mooglyguy2 years
arm3_coproMinor notes angelosa19 months
arm_playgroundEven more performance boost, 39in1 runs 86.62% on an -str 60 bench Ryan Holtz3 years
bench-specificQuick and dirty replacement of cache with specific for benching Olivier Galibert7 months
cashier-knifeMerge branch 'master' into cashier-knife therealmogminer@gmail.com4 years
cdimono2_wip-cdimono2: Added more logging for SERVO ports, nw MooglyGuy16 months
cdplay-cdplay: Created branch for experimental cd-player driver. [Ryan Holtz] Ryan Holtz12 months
doxygendocumentation wip balr0g5 years
dribbling-nlMerge branch 'dribbling-nl' of into dribbling-nl Aaron Giles6 months
floppy_soundPut samples back in gitignore Michael Zapf5 years
fmoplMerge branch 'master' into fmopl Aaron Giles2 weeks
hlsl_aviplayMore work towards generic AVI playback, nw MooglyGuy21 months
konamikonami rendering overhaul [O. Galibert, P.J.Bennett] Olivier Galibert4 years
ksys573_ioAdjust colors, added disk, added ugly triangles (actually copied code from la... angelosa5 years
lua_engine_ui_refactor_2Typo fix npwoods21 months
macfdcapple: Add support for next-gen iwm and swim [O. Galibert] Olivier Galibert11 months
make_coco_fdc_fixed[CoCo] Backing out MCFG_SLOT_FIXED(true) Nathan Woods4 years
masterNew machines marked as NOT_WORKING Robbbert34 min.
midtunit_videotms34010: Removed MCFG. [Ryan Holtz] mooglyguy2 years
mog-tankatarittl: Added netlist for Tank. Does not compile because of some error that... Ryan Holtz8 months
n64-angrylionnw, initial merge of angrylion's RDP changes. therealmogminer@gmail.com6 years
netlist-generatednetlist.lua: Fix merge, remove headers again. couriersud7 months
new_menusSwallowing shortcut keys the first time the menu comes up; now ESC in the F4 ... Nathan Woods7 years
nl-splitfrogsWorking now. Original speed: 215%. Split speed: 491%. Ideally should be Aaron Giles6 months
nl_dipsFix missing parentheses Aaron Giles8 months
nltool-updatesnltool: Improvements to static solver generation: Aaron Giles6 months
palmhackshacky palm stuff for others to take a look at mooglyguy3 years
pc9801_free_addspc98.xml: fix validation, add some extra QA notes angelosa2 hours
psx_metafixpsx.xml: re-add unknown source entries Vas Crabb4 months
py_regtestsImprove abstract class docs angelosa2 months
rendlay_vid-render: Added optional per-frame update support to layout elements. [Ryan Ho... mooglyguy10 months
s32_kokorojiRevert mb89352 changes: they breaks x68k SCSI even more than it currently is ... angelosa4 years
saturn_cdblockAttempting to change transfer active mechanism, doesn't change anything, to b... angelosa6 years
save-experimentsImplemented save_file. JSON and secondary files are now written to a ZIP-form... Aaron Giles32 hours
selfregister-driversFix (nw) Miodrag Milanovic4 years
time-experimentsCreate subseconds class to wrap sub-second times. Currently just maps to atto... Aaron Giles2 weeks
time-experiments2More clang fixes that don't show up on my machine. Aaron Giles64 min.
ui_colors_refactorCreated a ui_colors object, so that queries for UI RGB values would not npwoods22 months
vgmplayfixEnsure all writes to Yamaha FM chips are spaced by 1 cycle. The old FM cores ... Aaron Giles12 days
voodoo_directx11Fix some vegas games not booting Ted Green9 months
vrender0_3More accurate vrender0 pipeline inner working, fixes donghaer split screen at... angelosa20 months
wofFix remainder of this == NULL checks from Tafoids run mooglyguy5 years