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* New machines marked as NOT_WORKING AJR2019-11-251-0/+2
* dsp56000: new disassembler Patrick Mackinlay2019-11-181-0/+2
* mac: fix copy/paste error, get rid of allocWithZone as it's ignored on 64-bit... Vas Crabb2019-11-181-2/+2
* srcclean (nw) Vas Crabb2019-10-261-1/+1
* Spelling (#5796) Zoë Blade2019-10-241-3/+3
* Add Fujitsu FR disassembler and skeleton CPU device AJR2019-10-231-0/+2
* Fix spelling, tidy whitespace Zoë Blade2019-10-212-35/+34
* Build system maintenance: Vas Crabb2019-10-041-20/+125
* tlcs90: Separate TMP90840 and TMP90844 disassemblers AJR2019-09-301-1/+2
* rii: Many updates AJR2019-09-251-1/+1
* HP9845: TACO driver re-written (#5601) fulivi2019-09-092-23/+29
* src2html: substr doesn't modify std::string, but erase does (nw) AJR2019-09-061-4/+4
* chdman.cpp: Attempted fix for naive code (nw) AJR2019-09-061-1/+1
* chdman.cpp: Another superfluous temporary removed (nw) AJR2019-09-061-1/+0
* chdman: Clean up some archaic string code (nw) AJR2019-09-061-72/+58
* unidasm: Add -xchbytes option to swap bytes AJR2019-08-251-2/+12
* unidasm: Add score7, unsp12 and unsp20 support AJR2019-08-191-1/+4
* unidasm: Fix tools build (nw) AJR2019-08-191-2/+2
* some monon disassembly helpers [anonymous] (#5504) David Haywood2019-08-191-0/+1
* [Imgtool] Add special characters support to Thomson BASIC (#5505) hadess2019-08-181-0/+245
* Add BASIC Thomson tokenizer (#5479) hadess2019-08-133-8/+161
* swtpc09: add a UniFLEX specific floppy format. 68bit2019-08-131-1/+7
* cosmac: Add disassembler support for CDP1805 with extended instruction set AJR2019-08-121-0/+1
* unidasm: Correct address shift for hd61700 AJR2019-08-081-1/+1
* Merge pull request #5445 from groessler/m20-floppy-write-support ajrhacker2019-08-051-1/+3
| * add write support for Olivetti M20 floppy images Christian Groessler2019-08-061-1/+3
* | unidasm: Add address shift for scudsp AJR2019-08-051-1/+1
* Use canonical spelling of "canonical" (nw) AJR2019-08-025-68/+68
* Add r65c02 to unidasm AJR2019-07-301-0/+2
* mcs51: Disassembler update AJR2019-07-121-3/+4
* Add disassembler and skeleton CPU device for CompactRISC CR16B architecture AJR2019-07-051-0/+3
* Merge pull request #5303 from shattered/_430d642ac2 ajrhacker2019-07-041-1/+8
| * agat: basic emulation of agat9 (video, apple compat mode, LLE floppy) Sergey Svishchev2019-07-021-1/+8
* | f2mc16: Add to unidasm (nw) AJR2019-07-021-0/+2
* Add disassembler and skeleton device for DP8344 Biphase Communications Processor AJR2019-06-221-0/+2
* unidasm: Correct address shifts for unsp and upd7725 AJR2019-06-201-2/+2
* Preliminary disassembler and skeleton CPU device for Elan RISC II/RII series ... AJR2019-06-201-0/+2
* imgtool: MT 6693 wip, solves mess_hd issue (nw) Sergey Svishchev2019-06-022-15/+6
* castool: Fix usage message Dan Church2019-05-031-6/+6
* unidasm: Allow hexadecimal values for -skip with 0x prefix AJR2019-04-291-1/+6
* fix build with clang, clean up some random stuff (nw) Vas Crabb2019-04-071-14/+9
* (nw) Clean up the mess on master Vas Crabb2019-03-267-4/+1083
* Revert "conflict resolution (nw)" andreasnaive2019-03-257-1083/+4
* ns32000: Skeleton CPU device with disassembler for NS32000 family. Nigel Barnes2019-03-231-0/+2
* fix for filtbas when strings left unterminated in basic lines tomctomc2019-03-151-0/+2
* hpc: Add HPC46003 type for future use (nw) AJR2019-03-051-0/+1
* Add skeleton CPU device and disassembler for HPC architecture AJR2019-03-031-0/+2
* srcclean (nw) Vas Crabb2019-02-242-303/+303
* imgtool: new read-only filesystem: DEC RT-11 (take 2) Sergey Svishchev2019-02-203-0/+698
* misc fixes Vas Crabb2019-02-181-46/+40