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* Cleanups and version bumpmame0148u1 Miodrag Milanovic2013-02-111-31/+31
* MIDI: preliminary SysEx reception support [R. Belmont] R. Belmont2013-02-031-35/+78
* MIDI: enable transmission of SysEx messages [R. Belmont] R. Belmont2013-02-031-13/+38
* (MESS) SoundBlaster: MIDI Out support for single-byte, SB UART, and MPU-401 U... R. Belmont2013-01-311-0/+21
* MIDI: handle MIDI Out with running status properly [R. Belmont] R. Belmont2013-01-291-1/+15
* MIDI: Fixed several bugs and bumped the input buffer sizes [R. Belmont] R. Belmont2013-01-151-4/+6
* First pass on MIDI out support [R. Belmont] R. Belmont2013-01-141-1/+56
* MIDI core updates: [R. Belmont] R. Belmont2013-01-131-0/+170
* fixed pmmidi.c includes (fixes Visual Studio linking) (nw) Oliver Stöneberg2013-01-011-2/+1
* portmidi: Initial commit. [R. Belmont] R. Belmont2013-01-011-0/+80