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* Final round of struct/union/enum normalization. Aaron Giles2012-09-161-1/+1
* added missing \n to some fatalerror() calls (no whatsnew) Oliver Stöneberg2012-08-181-1/+1
* (Finally found the time to finish this....) Aaron Giles2011-05-302-12/+12
* Oops. Ryan Holtz2011-05-231-1/+1
* HLSL Updates: [Ryan Holtz, Bat Country Entertainment] Ryan Holtz2011-05-221-0/+10
* (Big tangle of changes that all happened as I was looking into the ROM Aaron Giles2011-04-132-5/+17
* Fix build break from last checkin. Aaron Giles2011-02-061-1/+1
* Converted attotime to a class, with proper operators. Removed old Aaron Giles2011-02-031-1/+1
* Cleanup & version bump.mame0140u1 Aaron Giles2010-11-082-6/+6
* Make osdmini build again. Aaron Giles2010-10-215-9/+194
* Create new class osd_interface to house OSD callbacks. Added new Aaron Giles2010-10-211-37/+20
* Converted render.c objects into C++ objects. Updated all callers. Aaron Giles2010-10-131-6/+4
* **FOR REVIEW** Andrew Gardner2010-09-201-0/+9
* Split mame.c into mame.c and machine.c, the latter containing the Aaron Giles2010-06-301-1/+1
* Correct a long-standing design flaw: device configuration state Aaron Giles2010-01-181-1/+1
* Bulk driver.h -> emu.h switch. Aaron Giles2010-01-101-1/+1
* NOTE: This change requires two new osd functions: osd_malloc() and Aaron Giles2010-01-081-0/+20
* Cleanups and version bump.mame0134u3 Aaron Giles2009-10-128-180/+180
* Eliminated osd_cpu.h. Aaron Giles2009-10-121-91/+0
* Moved all the OSD/windows code over to straight BSD license. Aaron Giles2009-10-129-58/+577
* Rename osd_profiling_ticks() to get_profile_ticks(). Moved implemention into Aaron Giles2009-09-061-2/+2
* osd_is_bad_read_ptr is no more. Aaron Giles2009-08-291-11/+0
* Copyright cleanup: Aaron Giles2008-01-068-8/+8
* Initial checkin of MAME 0.121.mame0121 Aaron Giles2007-12-178-0/+553