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* bgfx: Honour texture wrap flag. (#9812)release0244 Vas Crabb18 min.2-7/+10
* Removed superfluous semicolons from various source files. (#9796) 0kmg23 hours3-3/+3
* Revert "bitbanger: Add udp multicast support (#9744)" (#9749) Vas Crabb10 days6-329/+19
* bitbanger: Add udp multicast support (#9744) tedgreen9910 days6-19/+329
* osd/modules/input: Detect joystick reconnection with SDL. (#9605) Vas Crabb2022-04-2410-189/+225
* -util/corealloc.h: Reduced make_unique_clear to a single variant for POD arrays. Vas Crabb2022-04-032-79/+79
* floppy: remove the intermediate allocator Olivier Galibert2022-03-301-2/+2
* osdhelper.h: Make a couple of overloads const AJR2022-03-271-2/+2
* Better fix for Mac compile. [R. Belmont] arbee2022-03-161-1/+1
* -bgfx: Fixed YUV shader to have better brightness balance. [Ryan Holtz] (#9425) MooglyGuy2022-03-171-4/+5
* Updated BGFX fixes; verified as working on Linux and Windows. (#9420) MooglyGuy2022-03-1516-272/+450
* Fix Mac compile. [R. Belmont] arbee2022-03-151-1/+1
* Revert "More BGFX stability improvements (missing files + multi-window) (#9410)" Vas Crabb2022-03-1613-342/+235
* Fixed some debugger memory view annoyances and cleaned up Lua bindings. Vas Crabb2022-03-161-1/+1
* More BGFX stability improvements (missing files + multi-window) (#9410) MooglyGuy2022-03-1413-235/+342
* -bgfx: Added default LUT PNG, fixes LUT-effect crash. Fixed external texture ... MooglyGuy2022-03-123-9/+8
* osd/modules/input/input_rawinput.cpp: Allow re-plugging mouse/keyboard. Vas Crabb2022-03-114-123/+186
* Delete some unnecessary c_str() calls AJR2022-02-131-3/+3
* Remove fileio.h from emu.h AJR2022-02-115-0/+5
* Removed extra semicolons after function bodies in remaining headers. (#9277) 0kmg2022-02-075-9/+9
* rendutil.cpp: API cleanup + minor related OSD render cleanups AJR2022-01-222-32/+11
* osd/modules/debugger/win/consolewininfo.cpp: fixed build on Windows, AJR plea... Ivan Vangelista2022-01-071-1/+3
* device_image_interface: Interface overhaul AJR2022-01-061-3/+4
* Render-related cleanup AJR2021-12-301-2/+3
* Fixed a few coverity errors, several of which are real bugs. Vas Crabb2021-12-022-11/+8
* debugimgui: Fix menus losing focus, add octal display and octal/decimal addre... Barry Rodewald2021-11-191-12/+46
* -osd/windows: Fixed stupid potential deadlock on exit. Vas Crabb2021-11-133-39/+19
* Fixed Windows build as well - default input overrides in OSD modules are anno... Vas Crabb2021-11-021-5/+0
* -frontend: Refactored menu event handling and fixed a number of issues. (#8777) Vas Crabb2021-10-3110-139/+257
* bgfx: fix flurry of bogus warning messages hap2021-10-291-1/+1
* debugger: support octal on the Mac native debugger [R. Belmont] arbee2021-10-271-4/+65
* debugger/qt/memorywindow.cpp: Remove leftover printf AJR2021-10-271-2/+0
* Debug memory view improvements AJR2021-10-272-16/+113
* Build cleanup and UWP removal (#8756) Vas Crabb2021-10-2718-1125/+144
| * remove uwp column Miodrag Milanovic2021-10-261-134/+134
| * Remove OSD_UWP from rest of code Miodrag Milanovic2021-10-2615-130/+10
| * Remove uwp specific sources Miodrag Milanovic2021-10-263-861/+0
* | render/d3d: Replaced some locale-sensitive configuration parsing code. Vas Crabb2021-10-261-18/+21
* srcclean in preparation for branching 0.237 release Vas Crabb2021-10-241-2/+2
* Still more user experience improvements: Vas Crabb2021-10-186-11/+117
* frontend: Keep cleaning up. Vas Crabb2021-10-112-8/+0
* Fix multiple issues with debug memory tracking AJR2021-10-042-4/+10
* util: Further API cleanups: (#8661) Vas Crabb2021-10-051-3/+3
* Fixed some software list issues: Vas Crabb2021-09-281-1/+1
* debugger/qt, debugger/win: Fixed suppressing trailing whitespace in copied te... Vas Crabb2021-09-272-4/+4
* srcclean in preparation for MAME 0.235, and two small adjustments. Vas Crabb2021-09-261-1/+1
* -ui: Made zoom controls a bit more intuitive. Vas Crabb2021-09-065-35/+35
* fixes for building with clang 12.0.1 on windows smf-2021-09-042-3/+1
* -bgfx: Switched fs_blit_palette16 to expand bitmap_ind16 contents to R8. Fixe... MooglyGuy2021-09-0410-43/+75
* Use D32F texture format instead of D24, should fix AMD hardware (#8516) Julian Sikorski2021-08-301-2/+2