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* windows: reduce minimum window height (nw)GravatarGravatar hap10 days2-11/+12
* windows: more lenient with resizing very large views in windowed mode (nw)GravatarGravatar hap11 days1-9/+13
* drawd3d: properly clean up d3dintf (nw)GravatarGravatar hap2020-06-211-0/+3
* -bgfx: Don't try to invoke a frame immediately after resetting the renderer d...GravatarGravatar Ryan Holtz2020-06-201-2/+2
* -bgfx: Corrected a data overrun in the d3d12 backend from allocating only eno...GravatarGravatar Ryan Holtz2020-06-2012-20/+28
* looks like I64 size qualifier is only needed for MSYS64 GCC 9 and earlier (nw)GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb2020-06-022-2/+2
* MAME Testers Bugs FixedGravatarGravatar Ryan Holtz2020-05-282-169/+86
* Last memory change fixes (nw)GravatarGravatar Olivier Galibert2020-05-252-5/+6
* Debugger expression and memory access overhaulGravatarGravatar AJR2020-05-2519-115/+149
* OS X debugger: Avoid crashing when a nonexistent disassembly or memory view i...GravatarGravatar AJR2020-04-202-9/+18
* font_osx.cpp: Why does Apple even have these macros? They're not expected to ...GravatarGravatar AJR2020-04-081-2/+2
* Mac: Use Arial Unicode MS as the default font (fixes missing glyphs in many l...GravatarGravatar arbee2020-04-081-1/+25
* Revert "fixed some modernize-use-equals-default clang-tidy warnings (… (#6360)GravatarGravatar Oliver Stöneberg2020-04-0822-25/+27
* Hey Travis, go test that for me, thanks (nw)GravatarGravatar Olivier Galibert2020-03-312-0/+6
* Fix some deprecations (nw)GravatarGravatar Olivier Galibert2020-03-312-3/+3
* document some error (nw)GravatarGravatar MetalliC2020-02-151-0/+1
* copy-paste error (nw)GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb2020-01-311-1/+1
* there are reasons for things being the way they were (nw)GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb2020-01-3127-18/+103
* fixed some modernize-use-auto clang-tidy warnings (nw) (#6238)GravatarGravatar Oliver Stöneberg2020-01-3038-111/+111
* fixed some modernize-use-equals-default clang-tidy warnings (nw) (#6237)GravatarGravatar Oliver Stöneberg2020-01-3046-124/+37
* fixed some clang-tidy warnings (nw) (#6236)GravatarGravatar Oliver Stöneberg2020-01-3015-43/+43
* Revert accidentally committed changes. (nw)GravatarGravatar couriersud2020-01-251-17/+5
* segas16b: Added analog filters. [Couriersud]GravatarGravatar couriersud2020-01-251-5/+17
* fix build with clang 9.0.0 on windowsGravatarGravatar smf-2020-01-241-1/+1
* Merge pull request #6195 from firewave/includesGravatarGravatar R. Belmont2020-01-2242-68/+68
| * use C++ library includes (nw)GravatarGravatar firewave2020-01-2242-68/+68
* | fixed some clang-tidy warnings (nw) (#6197)GravatarGravatar Oliver Stöneberg2020-01-2215-39/+37
* input_sdl: Process control characters so that the natural keyboard can see th...GravatarGravatar AJR2020-01-101-0/+13
* video: higher maximum prescale (nw)GravatarGravatar hap2020-01-055-5/+5
* opengl: clamp to edge, same as the other renderers (nw)GravatarGravatar hap2020-01-041-8/+8
* Happy New Year 2020 (nw) (#6128)GravatarGravatar Stiletto2020-01-041-1/+1
* render/bgfx: Fix incorrect swapping of red and blue components of screen tintGravatarGravatar AJR2019-12-311-1/+1
* Changed Direct3D renderer to call GetAncestor() in device_create() toGravatarGravatar npwoods2019-12-221-1/+5
* save/restore otuput values in save statesGravatarGravatar Vas Crabb2019-12-131-8/+5
* input_sdl.cpp: Ignore joystick buttons beyond maximum supported number.GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb2019-12-071-2/+5
* osd/sdl/window.cpp: Remove misleading comments. (nw)GravatarGravatar couriersud2019-11-271-14/+0
* netlist: Revert development code committed by accident. (nw)GravatarGravatar couriersud2019-11-262-16/+2
* netlist: move nl_examples to src/lib/netlist/examples. (nw)GravatarGravatar couriersud2019-11-252-2/+16
* Clean up render_screen_list code, replacing simple_list with std::list (nw)GravatarGravatar AJR2019-11-242-2/+2
* -bgfx: Fixed Github issue #5961. [Ryan Holtz]GravatarGravatar MooglyGuy2019-11-241-2/+2
* Opengl: Apply line width provided by renderer. [Couriersud]GravatarGravatar couriersud2019-11-241-0/+1
* bgfx: Fix edge case around B/C/G settings. [Couriersud]GravatarGravatar couriersud2019-11-241-1/+2
* srcclean (nw)GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb2019-11-253-3/+3
* -bgfx: Fixed Github issues #5830 and #5956. [Ryan Holtz]GravatarGravatar MooglyGuy2019-11-2512-47/+119
* srcclean and indentation cleanup (nw)GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb2019-11-241-22/+22
* Opengl render driver: fix bug preventing adjustment of ... [Couriersud]GravatarGravatar couriersud2019-11-241-1/+1
* -bgfx: Fixed broken rendering when using bgfx_screen_chains none, nwGravatarGravatar mooglyguy2019-11-223-7/+28
* stupid syntax error (nw)GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb2019-11-221-1/+1
* sound/coraudio: get rid of global_alloc/global_free (nw)GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb2019-11-221-60/+48
* UI input menu: treat codes containing a postive and negative of the same thin...GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb2019-11-2110-12/+14