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* Merge pull request #280 from richard42/trs80-coco-audio-fixes R. Belmont2015-08-171-17/+33
| * bugfix: PIA 1 CB2 is only connected to the sound enable input on the DAC chip... Richard Goedeken2015-08-041-1/+0
| * simplification: in the coco/dragon virtual functions which get called from co... Richard Goedeken2015-08-041-5/+5
| * From the Coco 2 Sams Computerfacts manual and Tandy Coco 3 512k service manua... Richard Goedeken2015-08-031-1/+5
| * 1. increase accuracy of TRS-80 Coco audio output by holding the analog output... Richard Goedeken2015-08-021-10/+23
* | no longer using read_safe from code under src/mess (nw) Wilbert Pol2015-08-111-2/+2
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* line endings (nw) Miodrag Milanovic2014-10-281-23/+23
* Correctly model the behavior of a real Coco for the Cassette input in regards... Scott Stone2014-10-271-21/+23
* (MESS) TRS-80 CoCo: implement virtual "Becker Port" for DriveWire support. [R... R. Belmont2014-10-191-5/+13
* cococart to devcb2 (nw) Miodrag Milanovic2014-05-131-13/+0
* cassette config moved inline (nw) Miodrag Milanovic2014-05-021-14/+0
* Cleanup of image device interfaces (nw) Miodrag Milanovic2014-05-021-1/+0
* Added serial printer, renamed centronics printer to match. Standardised the c... smf-2014-04-161-24/+4
* bitbanger_device: converted to devcb2 (nw) Ivan Vangelista2014-04-151-16/+0
* hardcode the rs232 port again. (nw) smf-2014-04-061-4/+40
* MESS: coco uses rs232 port instead of bitbanger [smf] smf-2014-04-061-40/+4
* use ARRAY_LENGTH (nw) Oliver Stöneberg2014-04-031-3/+3
* primary_screen -> first_screen() (nw) Miodrag Milanovic2014-03-151-2/+2
* Converted PIA6821 to DEVCB2 [smf] smf-2014-01-061-44/+0
* (MESS) cassette cleanup (nw) Miodrag Milanovic2013-04-171-1/+1
* Removal of machine().root_device() where appropriate (nw) Miodrag Milanovic2013-04-141-8/+8
* [COCO] Fixed a degenerate scenario that could cause MESS to crash with a stack Nathan Woods2013-03-101-16/+37
* Minor cleanups (nw) Nathan Woods2013-03-101-0/+21
* Cleanups and version bumpmame0148 Miodrag Milanovic2013-01-111-40/+40
* (MESS) Fixed coco Hi-Res joystick (MT #05030) Sandro Ronco2012-10-241-10/+21
* Since nobody checks for NULLs anyway, make Aaron Giles2012-09-191-5/+5
* (MESS) fixed mess/machine/coco.c compilation (no whatsnew) Oliver Stöneberg2012-09-191-2/+2
* Modernized INPUT_CHANGED in MESS part of tree (no whatsnew) Miodrag Milanovic2012-09-191-6/+4
* moved constructor of state classes into .h file (no whatsnew) Miodrag Milanovic2012-09-131-22/+0
* Don't use safe_pc[base] when you already have a Aaron Giles2012-09-111-2/+2
* Add safe_pc() and safe_pcbase() methods to device_t. Aaron Giles2012-09-111-2/+2
* Merge of MESS sources (no whatsnew) Miodrag Milanovic2012-08-211-0/+1438