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2011-08-25Cleanups and version bump Angelo Salese45-676/+677
2011-08-25Updated notes for Penky, removed GNW flag (forgot it, actually) Angelo Salese1-8/+4
2011-08-25Moved 3d drawing functions outside of the screen updating function in Taito A... Angelo Salese3-38/+114
2011-08-25gridle title fixes Michaël Banaan Ananas3-41/+41
2011-08-25(Gridle spelling bee ;p) Michaël Banaan Ananas1-1/+1
2011-08-25assuming that the shifter locks into place too Michaël Banaan Ananas1-1/+1
2011-08-25cab shifter locks into place, so add PORT_TOGGLE Michaël Banaan Ananas1-4/+4
2011-08-25made pbillian plunger more authentic: just hold CTRL for an amount of time an... Michaël Banaan Ananas3-75/+41
2011-08-25Add preliminary support for big-endian SH-3/SH-4 CPUs. [R. Belmont] R. Belmont6-8/+8
2011-08-25rm old speedup hacks Michaël Banaan Ananas1-84/+7
2011-08-24also removed outdated(not needed anymore) romtest code Michaël Banaan Ananas2-45/+3
2011-08-24new clone added Puzzloop newer Euro version Brian Troha2-13/+38
2011-08-24sample reading code isn't needed anymore now that it's emulated in ymf278b.c Michaël Banaan Ananas2-20/+2
2011-08-24new clone, Shocking - Korean ver Brian Troha2-5/+31
2011-08-24Re: [MAME] r13621 (hap): (blaster30 -> blastero) Michaël Banaan Ananas1-1/+1
2011-08-24documentation updates (pbillian and sqix have dipswitch info in the game, hot... Michaël Banaan Ananas1-29/+29
2011-08-24Hook-up of the gradiation RAM, nw Angelo Salese3-5/+27
2011-08-24Working inputs for topland, nw Angelo Salese1-6/+7
2011-08-24(blaster30 -> blastero) Michaël Banaan Ananas2-6/+6
2011-08-24Added shared SARAM hook-up in TMS32051 ... this also regresses Dangerous Curv... Angelo Salese2-1/+5
2011-08-24Fixed a debugger crash if you try to view data memory in TMS32051 [Angelo Sal... Angelo Salese1-3/+3
2011-08-24Work-around for TMS32051 crash on Taito JC soft reset Angelo Salese1-3/+1
2011-08-24williams.c update 2 [hap] Michaël Banaan Ananas2-30/+30
2011-08-24Fixed TMS32051 debug memory viewer [Angelo Salese] Angelo Salese1-1/+1
2011-08-24Added brake meter, converted by OG too Angelo Salese2-24/+44
2011-08-24Hacked around the mask screen thing (any idea here is welcome) Angelo Salese2-26/+38
2011-08-24New games added as GAME_NOT_WORKING R. Belmont2-2/+17
2011-08-23minor name correct for a Cave SH3 game - NW Brian Troha1-4/+4
2011-08-23New Clone Added - Older ver of Biomechanical Toy Brian Troha2-19/+61
2011-08-23williams.c: added second sound board to blaster/blaster30 [hap] Michaël Banaan Ananas3-78/+135
2011-08-23Added missing keyfile crc/sha1 for Rumble Fish (nw) Scott Stone1-1/+1
2011-08-23naomi: Split the rom boards into a collection of devices. [O. Galibert] Olivier Galibert27-4101/+4111
2011-08-23Placeholders Olivier Galibert15-0/+0
2011-08-23Added coin counters (shrug) Angelo Salese2-26/+51
2011-08-23small xtal fix Michaël Banaan Ananas1-3/+3
2011-08-23Added DSP idle skips Angelo Salese1-5/+48
2011-08-23Odometer table conversion [O. Galibert] Angelo Salese2-3/+33
2011-08-23description year of release (not year of revision) Michaël Banaan Ananas1-4/+4
2011-08-23(fix a fix) Michaël Banaan Ananas1-4/+4
2011-08-23fixed some spelling fixes (eg. layout break, uppercase) Michaël Banaan Ananas18-42/+42
2011-08-23More updates by Haze (no whatsnew) Miodrag Milanovic10-69/+254
2011-08-23"English doesn't borrow from other languages. English follows other languages... Scott Stone171-330/+330
2011-08-23Added another bit to the object RAM, used for screen masking on the sides Angelo Salese2-5/+27
2011-08-23paradise.c: Slightly better dipswitch info for Penky - NW Brian Troha1-2/+2
2011-08-23Fixed credit display in Densya de Go (beware of the beast :/) Angelo Salese2-28/+41
2011-08-23New games added as GAME_NOT_WORKING R. Belmont2-0/+19
2011-08-22Log for an unimplemented command Angelo Salese1-2/+22
2011-08-22Implemented command skipped by previous commit, it's for goraud shaded triangles Angelo Salese1-2/+26
2011-08-22newer Cave SH based Ibara Black Label - NW Brian Troha2-2/+16
2011-08-22Identified command 0x01 in the polygon fifo renderer, fixes Landing Gear flic... Angelo Salese2-2/+7