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* Remove void *ptr parameter from emu_timer, timer_device and all related callb... AJR43 hours1-1/+1
* Numerous drivers: Modernization and runtime tag lookup elimination AJR2020-10-181-19/+7
* mame/machine: simplified some handlers (nw) Ivan Vangelista2020-04-221-11/+11
* src/mame: more misc MCFG removal (nw) Ivan Vangelista2018-12-041-7/+1
* devcb3 Vas Crabb2018-07-071-1/+1
* More cleanup/streamlining of machine configuration and macros: Vas Crabb2018-05-151-0/+3
* forward universal references when setting callbacks in cases I noticed when l... Vas Crabb2018-02-221-1/+1
* de-staticify initializations for mame/machine (#3251) wilbertpol2018-02-211-2/+2
* API change: Memory maps are now methods of the owner class [O. Galibert] Olivier Galibert2018-02-121-0/+1
* updated mame/machine devices to device_add_mconfig (nw) Ivan Vangelista2017-05-261-1/+1
* Move static data out of devices into the device types. This is a significant... Vas Crabb2017-05-141-5/+5
* Remove emu.h from headers (nw) Olivier Galibert2017-02-111-1/+0
* NOTICE (TYPE NAME CONSOLIDATION) Miodrag Milanovic2016-10-221-22/+22
* Created a tiny_rom_entry structure for the purposes of rom_entry declarations... Nathan Woods2016-08-061-1/+1
* Cleanup and version bumpmame0175 Miodrag Milanovic2016-06-291-4/+4
* dec_lk201: keyclick [Bavarese] cracyc2016-06-231-13/+21
* rainbow: keyboard works for a few seconds (nw) cracyc2016-06-031-0/+20
* reverting: Miodrag Milanovic2016-01-201-1/+1
* tags are now strings (nw) Miodrag Milanovic2016-01-161-1/+1
* overrides in drivers (nw) Miodrag Milanovic2015-12-061-9/+9
* move mess into mame (nw) Miodrag Milanovic2015-09-301-0/+117