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* Rearrange source to match project structure (done using the script in src/too... Vas Crabb2022-06-27891-275467/+0
* Reduced project cross-dependencies, slightly improved renaming script. Vas Crabb2022-06-2714-13/+1215
* srcclean and cleanup in preparation for branching MAME 0.245 Vas Crabb2022-06-262-5/+5
* MT 08246: fixed regression when F3 pushed, used fix from MT 08068. Robbbert2022-06-211-0/+1
* New working clones Ivan Vangelista2022-06-202-0/+15
* mpu4: further moving of class specifics into classes, sorting of sets, reel c... David Haywood2022-06-191-18/+22
* More scheduler optimisation, Visual Studio build fixes, and cleanup. Vas Crabb2022-06-172-6/+6
* New clones marked as NOT_WORKING hap2022-06-151-0/+1
* abc1600: Added FPU PAL dump, and PAL titles from Luxor source code. [Dataindu... Curt Coder2022-06-151-1/+1
* pgm: merge the two halves of the latches, remove overeager synchronizing Olivier Galibert2022-06-152-51/+19
* mpu4: move some crystal specifics into crystal state, remove some unneccessar... David Haywood2022-06-152-16/+3
* igs022 handle_command_6d: don't do unneeded work on strings when logging is d... hap2022-06-151-9/+16
* MPU4 refactoring, reverse engineering, notes etc. (#9893) David Haywood2022-06-157-3200/+2064
* Cleanup using state object Miodrag Milanovic2022-06-154-23/+18
* More miscellaneous cleanup: Vas Crabb2022-06-151-4/+4
* tsconf.cpp: fix gfx offsets (#9905) holub2022-06-151-13/+12
* saa7191: Move to devices/machine too Olivier Galibert2022-06-142-394/+0
* at, cammu: kick upstairs too Olivier Galibert2022-06-144-2012/+0
* archimedes_keyb: also kick upstairs in devices/machine Olivier Galibert2022-06-132-518/+0
* fm_scsi: kick upstairs in devices/machine Olivier Galibert2022-06-132-512/+0
* igs017.cpp, igs022.cpp: Improved protection and decryption; ,oved protection ... Luca Elia2022-06-123-171/+317
* pong: remove obsolete external version hap2022-06-102-3/+3
* Cleanup of the source files lists for src/mame: Olivier Galibert2022-06-091-4/+4
* Remove currently shelved uncompiled experiment Olivier Galibert2022-06-092-714/+0
* mac.cpp: fix save states for all Mac II and LC series models. [R. Belmont] arbee2022-06-071-0/+22
* ega: irq and row preset cracyc2022-06-052-2/+2
* 8080bw.cpp, mw8080bw.cpp: Some cleanup/untangling: (#9884) Vas Crabb2022-06-051-137/+0
* europc, europc2: Low-level emulation of built-in keyboard AJR2022-06-042-0/+380
* Revert "stupid_git" AJR2022-06-041-1/+1
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' AJR2022-06-04210-2454/+2012
| * - Removed device_timer, device_timer_id, et al in favor of direct callback me... MooglyGuy2022-06-04209-2453/+2011
| * machine/dmv_keyb.cpp: Corrected typo in DIP swithc label. (#9887) rfka012022-06-041-1/+1
* | stupid_git AJR2022-06-041-1/+1
* Merge branch 'release0244' into mainline-master Vas Crabb2022-05-241-9/+9
| * machine/cps2comm.cpp: Worked around missing deduction guides for std::array i... Vas Crabb2022-05-231-9/+9
* | megadriv.xml: compatibility field cleanups, apply minor fixes (#9732) [Angelo... Angelo Salese2022-05-232-66/+71
* Removed superfluous semicolons from various source files. (#9796) 0kmg2022-05-221-1/+1
* atarist.cpp: Split out video and blitter as separate devices AJR2022-05-192-0/+644
* mtx.cpp: New expansion devices CFX System and MAGROM. Nigel Barnes2022-05-181-50/+32
* removed some unnecessary 6821 readca1_handler/readca2_handler/readcb1_handler... smf-2022-05-181-5/+0
* diexec: optionally resynchronize to the implicit clock domain on clock freque... Olivier Galibert2022-05-171-1/+1
* tait8741.cpp: Removed old simulation of Gladiator MCUs (unused for a while now). Vas Crabb2022-05-142-423/+0
* slapfght.cpp: Hooked up flip screen output to MCU for alcon and slapfigh (#9748) Vas Crabb2022-05-132-3/+10
* zx spectrum drivers: Restore irq length == 32 / border timings. (#9711) holub2022-05-131-5/+5
* inder_vid.cpp: Correct visible dimensions of screen AJR2022-05-111-1/+1
* machine/midwayic.cpp: Use logmacro.h helpers for debug logging. (#9725) tedgreen992022-05-101-52/+51
* gollygho: use generic output strings (!!NOTE!! update ext. artwork file) hap2022-05-101-4/+10
* iteagle.cpp: Adjust processor clock. Gives proper 1ms ostick now. Ted Green2022-05-081-1/+11
* Z88: added serial port and NVRAM support. [Sandro Ronco] Sandro Ronco2022-05-084-79/+657
* cps2.cpp: Added TOURNAMENT board communication simulation. (#9699) [Vas Crabb... Vas Crabb2022-05-064-157/+1002