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* in207376: Push hardcoded line 1 line down, verify video clocks [Dirk Best, ch... Dirk Best2020-09-131-3/+3
* rx78: added direction, backspace, ^ natural keys Robbbert2020-09-131-7/+7
* neptunp2.cpp: Fix games metadata ClawGrip2020-09-131-3/+3
* new NOT_WORKING machine MetalliC2020-09-131-0/+15
* in207376: Various fixes [Dirk Best, charcole] Dirk Best2020-09-121-12/+32
* Merge branch 'master' of MetalliC2020-09-121-1/+1
| * vic20: Added ^ natural key Robbbert2020-09-131-1/+1
* | new WORKING clones MetalliC2020-09-121-2/+22
* squale: altered note; removed non-existing software list (#3041) Robbbert2020-09-131-3/+3
* New machines marked as NOT_WORKING Ivan Vangelista2020-09-121-0/+22
* alphatpx.cpp: Fix stray quote.' Vas Crabb2020-09-131-1/+1
* alphatpx.cpp, hp80.cpp: Adjust keyboard mapping. Vas Crabb2020-09-132-44/+44
* New working clones (#7218) ClawGrip2020-09-121-78/+105
* bvm.cpp: Missed in 8edc2c5f91aaaa6dbc81400b54c584bb489b619d AJR2020-09-121-1/+1
* New machines marked as NOT_WORKING AJR2020-09-121-0/+88
* pencil2: fixes for natural keyboard Robbbert2020-09-121-39/+43
* tutor: fixed ^ natural key Robbbert2020-09-121-1/+1
* New machines marked as NOT_WORKING Ivan Vangelista2020-09-121-0/+11
* New working clones Ivan Vangelista2020-09-121-0/+19
* squale: added notes; fixed various keyboard issues. Robbbert2020-09-121-23/+47
* New working clones Ivan Vangelista2020-09-121-19/+53
* New clones marked as NOT_WORKING Ivan Vangelista2020-09-121-3/+54
* New clones marked as NOT_WORKING Ivan Vangelista2020-09-121-8/+61
* bingor.cpp: decapped and dumped pic device for bingor6 [Caps0ff, TeamEurope] Ivan Vangelista2020-09-121-2/+2
* magicard.cpp: decapped and dumped pic devices for magicarde, magicardw, puzzl... Ivan Vangelista2020-09-121-8/+8
* gaelcof3.cpp: decapped and dumped pic device for donpepito [Caps0ff, ClawGrip... Ivan Vangelista2020-09-121-27/+42
* New clones marked as NOT_WORKING Ivan Vangelista2020-09-121-28/+81
* in207376: Hook up PIT, remove clock device Dirk Best2020-09-111-7/+13
* spc1500: added backspace and directional natural keys Robbbert2020-09-121-5/+5
* pgm2: lores refresh rate was approximated from video recording, hsync/vtotal ... hap2020-09-111-1/+1
* osbexec: added ctrl keys to natural keyboard Robbbert2020-09-121-24/+24
* pgm2.cpp: Changed kof98umh refresh rate to match PCB video (#7095) cam9002020-09-111-0/+1
* ddealer.cpp: Use tilemap_t for splittable foreground tilemap (#7163) cam9002020-09-111-118/+117
* new NOT WORKING machines (#7212) David Haywood2020-09-115-29/+126
* nascom1: fixed @ and ^ natural keys Robbbert2020-09-121-3/+3
* mstation: fixed enter and backspace in natural keyboard Robbbert2020-09-111-2/+2
* Machines promoted to working hap2020-09-111-19/+18
* jupace: corrected a few natural keys; save-state enabled Robbbert2020-09-111-14/+14
* New machines marked as NOT_WORKING hap2020-09-102-3/+262
* att3b2.cpp: Update release years and device configuration AJR2020-09-101-13/+27
* in207376: Add beeper Dirk Best2020-09-101-2/+21
* y2.cpp: Add placeholder for undumped games (#7173) cam9002020-09-101-0/+4
* husky,hunter2,hp80: fixed case of paste Robbbert2020-09-113-139/+143
* geniusiq: minor fixes for natural keyboard Robbbert2020-09-101-2/+2
* in207376: Remove BAD_DUMP flag from chargen ROM Dirk Best2020-09-101-1/+1
* in213ae: Set screen type to LCD Dirk Best2020-09-101-1/+1
* in207376: Redumped chargen ROM [charcole] Dirk Best2020-09-101-3/+7
* in213ae: Small fixes Dirk Best2020-09-101-16/+27
* 8080bw.cpp: Re-added missing 'polariso' machine rom lost in renaming (nw) Scott Stone2020-09-091-0/+1
* electron: Use set_perfect_quantum, fixes timing issues with AP3/4 floppy inte... Nigel Barnes2020-09-101-1/+2