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* Rearrange source to match project structure (done using the script in src/too... Vas Crabb2022-06-271-457/+0
* getaway.cpp: Updated metadata and notes considering Japanese flyer. Vas Crabb2022-03-011-10/+17
* New machines marked as NOT_WORKING hap2021-02-111-2/+1
* srcclean in preparation for branching release Vas Crabb2021-01-241-2/+2
* getaway.cpp: Confirmed accelerator range is correct by examining game code. Vas Crabb2021-01-241-1/+0
* getaway: change steering controller type 'ad stick' to paddle hap2021-01-231-1/+1
* getaway: re-add imperfect controls flag hap2021-01-221-5/+7
* getaway: update notes hap2021-01-221-25/+22
* -getaway.cpp: Fixed steering control. Vas Crabb2021-01-231-5/+13
* getaway: move register notes into io_w function hap2021-01-221-60/+79
* getaway.cpp: various updates, promoted to working (#7686) Angelo Salese2021-01-221-45/+218
* getaway: show the complete vram for now hap2021-01-201-1/+2
* getaway: small fix with dmask hap2021-01-191-4/+6
* getaway: show garbage on screen hap2021-01-191-0/+29
* New machines marked as NOT_WORKING hap2021-01-191-0/+221