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* unzip: defer decoding DOS timestamps (nw) Vas Crabb2017-09-111-13/+29
* that doesn't require an instance (nw) Vas Crabb2017-09-032-19/+20
* png: make verify_header public (nw) hap2017-09-022-15/+27
* Returning a reference from various corestr.cpp calls to avoid unnecessary str... npwoods2017-09-022-13/+13
* srcclean (nw) Vas Crabb2017-08-279-19/+19
* needed for external work (nw) MetalliC2017-08-262-0/+11
* acorn_dsk: Added OPUS_DDCPM_FORMAT Nigel Barnes2017-08-253-116/+144
* hp85: fixed a bug in tape gap detection fulivi2017-08-232-2/+12
* hp9845: re-factored handling of HTI images into a dedicated format module fulivi2017-08-162-0/+493
* add a not BIOS machine filter (useful in composite filters), support RGB PNG ... Vas Crabb2017-08-151-7/+19
* fix indexed transparency (nw) Vas Crabb2017-08-141-3/+3
* PNG: support greyscale with transparent pen, encode/decode text chunks as UTF... Vas Crabb2017-08-142-142/+168
* png: make it not leak memory by default, and look a but more like C++ Vas Crabb2017-08-132-460/+408
* png: support 16-bit samples Vas Crabb2017-08-131-21/+35
* PNG: fix unfiltering Vas Crabb2017-08-121-76/+71
* ui: save/restore images/info selection in right panel Vas Crabb2017-08-121-0/+2
* More PNG handling overhaul: Vas Crabb2017-08-122-120/+217
* add minimal support for reading Adam7 interlaced PNG Vas Crabb2017-08-121-360/+372
* Adding #include <cctype> Nathan Woods2017-08-091-0/+1
* Refactor server_{ws,http}.hpp into separate interface and implementation. (#2... Christian Brunschen2017-08-064-1157/+1238
* jvc_dsk: Improve support for headerless OS-9 images Dirk Best2017-08-031-6/+25
* jvc_dsk: Autodetect double sided floppy images without header, fixes #2405 Dirk Best2017-08-031-1/+9
* Imgtool: Merged normalize_filename() into cannonicalize_path(), C++-ificatio... npwoods2017-07-302-0/+26
* srcclean (nw) Vas Crabb2017-07-231-8/+8
* Add a method for copying part of an XML tree into another tree and use it to ... Vas Crabb2017-07-212-7/+60
* * Make XML file a class of its own managed with smart poitners Vas Crabb2017-07-212-87/+95
* Corrected ITT3030 70 track drive type and added 35 drive type and format defi... rfka012017-07-111-3/+14
* never hurts to srcclean (nw) Vas Crabb2017-07-091-2/+2
* Add an external panel for the Ensoniq VFX family of keyboards, with a websock... Christian Brunschen2017-07-052-12/+21
* dimemory: Lift the cap on the number of address spaces per device [O. Galibert] Olivier Galibert2017-07-032-2/+2
* options: Set the value when setting the default as before [O. Galibert] Olivier Galibert2017-06-251-1/+1
* more srcclean (nw) Vas Crabb2017-06-251-1/+1
* Merge branch 'release0187' Vas Crabb2017-06-251-8/+8
| * srcclean (nw) Vas Crabb2017-06-251-8/+8
* | Overhaul to how MAME handles options, take two (#2341) npwoods2017-06-252-565/+713
* Changed a few 'const char *' ==> 'const std::string &' in the MAME debugger (... npwoods2017-06-242-15/+30
* afs_dsk: corrected density (nw) Nigel Barnes2017-06-151-1/+1
* Fixed JVC disk format to correctly recognize 2 sided disks. (#2357) tim lindner2017-06-031-1/+1
* Added read support for the disk format SDF used in the CoCoSDC (#2345) tim lindner2017-05-312-0/+241
* Add Zaccaria to mamenl build. (nw) couriersud2017-05-281-0/+2
* Fix state saving for pfunction lfsr. (nw) couriersud2017-05-285-4/+23
* srcclean (nw) Vas Crabb2017-05-284-96/+96
* Fix issues identified by Vas and LordKale4: couriersud2017-05-273-2/+14
* Add rand() function to pfunction expression parser. Use this to simulate couriersud2017-05-272-0/+8
* netlist: add a crude TTL schmitt trigger model and hook up in 1B11142 Vas Crabb2017-05-277-1/+248
* Fix DEBUG build. (nw) couriersud2017-05-271-1/+1
* Various code alignments across solvers. (nw) couriersud2017-05-277-76/+137
* Cleanup of solver code. (nw) couriersud2017-05-279-289/+46
* Reordered members to be more cache friendly. (nw) couriersud2017-05-272-9/+10
* Netlist refactoring: couriersud2017-05-276-17/+84