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* Cleaned up logging across the codebase (GitHub #10183). (#11250) [Ryan Holtz] MooglyGuy6 days1-7/+7
* fix count (#11241) tim lindner11 days1-1/+1
* formats/fs_hp98x5.cpp: Added filesystem handlers for HP9825, HP9831 and HP984... fulivi2023-05-155-13/+1649
* cdrom: Bunch of fixes Olivier Galibert2023-05-051-0/+1
* chd: Add dvd support. better abstraction in general, multi-image support in a... Olivier Galibert2023-05-044-8/+198
* util/unzip.cpp: Update for latest LZMA SDK. Vas Crabb2023-05-041-2/+2
* 3rdparty/lzma: Updated to LZMA SDK version 22.01 Vas Crabb2023-05-042-16/+29
* roland_s50.cpp: Add floppy format AJR2023-04-133-0/+74
* Miscellaneous improvements: Vas Crabb2023-04-141-0/+9
* Allow loading PNG/JPEG/MS DIB bitmaps from Lua, and cleanup. Vas Crabb2023-04-139-236/+257
* Cleaned up some recent changes. Vas Crabb2023-04-122-2/+4
* abc80x: Detect interlaced disk images. [Curt Coder] Curt Coder2023-03-262-0/+16
* Remove debug printf. Curt Coder2023-03-261-1/+0
* abc80x: Split floppy software lists by disk drive type. [Curt Coder] Curt Coder2023-03-265-27/+153
* abc80x: Fix sector dump floppy image loading. [Curt Coder] Curt Coder2023-03-262-1/+21
* cpu/nec: Fixed build; also, srcclean Vas Crabb2023-03-262-4/+4
* Pacify clang, and more noexcept. Vas Crabb2023-03-262-20/+0
* Various optimisations to code generaton. Vas Crabb2023-03-268-1524/+498
* Remove unused cd90_640_dsk formats (functionally replaced by thom_dsk) AJR2023-03-232-88/+0
* Encode certain tracks as single density in .d88 floppy format AJR2023-03-191-1/+7
* brother/lw30.cpp: Added driver for Brother LW-30 word processor. (#10996) BartmanAbyss2023-03-202-0/+240
* pasti: Setup form and variant Olivier Galibert2023-03-161-1/+1
* Add vendor-specific Read TOC command for Apple SCSI CD-ROM drive AJR2023-03-091-4/+3
* Replaced most simple uses of sprintf with type-safe equivalents. (#10948) Erik2023-03-102-50/+33
* ROM label updates and new dumps: Vas Crabb2023-03-021-5/+46
* vectorgraphic/vector4.cpp: Added Vector 4 driver. (#10710) Eric Anderson2023-02-273-0/+189
* Various cleanups: Vas Crabb2023-02-271-1/+1
* msa: Correct stupid typo Olivier Galibert2023-02-221-1/+1
* Fix building with gcc-13 (#10917) Julian Sikorski2023-02-201-0/+1
* srcclean and bump copyright date on language files to 2023 Vas Crabb2023-02-191-19/+20
* d88_dsk.cpp, dsk_dsk.cpp: Mitigate against rot in legacy floppy code AJR2023-02-122-12/+20
* xmlfile.cpp: Replace implementation of normalize_string with similar one in i... AJR2023-02-122-18/+14
* unzip.cpp: Minor logging improvement AJR2023-02-111-1/+1
* Small batch of input refactoring: Vas Crabb2023-02-051-0/+3
* ap_dsk35.cpp: enable 1.44Mb dc42 images [Peter Ferrie] Peter Ferrie2023-02-031-2/+2
* moof: Fix the flux tracks Olivier Galibert2023-01-301-1/+1
* plib/plist.h: Stop using deprecated std::iterator template. (#10864) Miodrag Milanović2023-01-311-1/+6
* netlist: update static solvers hap2023-01-121-0/+1520
* Fixed a bug in the OS-9 file systems file name validation function that cause... npwoods2023-01-071-1/+1
* formats/hp300_dsk.cpp, formats/hp_lif.cpp: Added HP 300 floppy format and LIF... Sven Schnelle2022-12-255-0/+635
* housekeeping: Use proper SPDX ID for CC0 license. Vas Crabb2022-12-2344-44/+44
* util/options.cpp: Fixed issue when copying options that don't carry values. Vas Crabb2022-12-221-10/+22
* util/options.cpp: Fixed overriden default option values from OSD. Vas Crabb2022-12-191-1/+1
* osd/modules/file: Don't magically substitute environment variables when openi... npwoods2022-12-172-31/+193
* mo5_flop.xml, mo6_flop.xml, pro128_flop.xml: Correct floppy image interfaces AJR2022-12-151-0/+8
* Fixed some misspelling occurrences here and there. (#10605) 0kmg2022-12-032-2/+2
* -debugger: Improved session save/restore. Vas Crabb2022-12-021-2/+8
* Merge branch 'release0250' into mainline-master Vas Crabb2022-11-281-2/+2
| * util/path.h: Fixed narrowing warning from older versions of clang. Vas Crabb2022-11-271-2/+2
* | harddisk.h: #include shuffling AJR2022-11-262-2/+8