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* Changed DEVICE_START functions to return an error code. Currently this Aaron Giles2008-09-091-0/+121
is either DEVICE_START_OK or DEVICE_START_MISSING_DEPENDENCY. The latter should be returned by a device if there is another device it depends on which hasn't been started yet. Added new flag in the device interface to indicate whether a device has been started. Changed laserdisc interface to explicitly specify the screen and sound devices it should route to. Drivers no longer have to manually call laserdisc_vsync(). Instead, the laserdisc code connects up to the routed screen device and works based on that screen's VBLANK timing. Removed all existing calls to laserdisc_vsync(). Changed laserdisc behavior so that it completes the previous video read and initiates the next read at the end of VBLANK instead of the beginning. This gives player logic time during VBLANK to alter the slider position prior to fetching the next frame. Added new laserdisc callback for vsync begin and changed the update callback to be called at the end of VBLANK. Also added functions to set the slider speed, advance the slider, and directly control the video/ audio squelch. In addition, there is a new status function to get the slider position in general terms. Added parameter to the VBLANK callbacks supported in emu/video.c. Updated all callers to provide a callback value. Fixed bug that would cause watchpoints to trigger if you had a memory window open to the watchpoint address. Further updates to the PR-8210 ROM simulation. Still not quite there but the system is much better understood now. Added layout to the PR-8210 which displays the state of the front-panel LEDs.