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* -Lua engine: run everything in coroutines. (#11019) Vas Crabb34 hours2-13/+8
* Retired the over-stretched "system type" flags. Vas Crabb3 days2-4/+8
* -luaengine.cpp: Expose UI controls toggle state. Vas Crabb4 days1-2/+3
* -ui/menu.cpp: Don't pass IPT_UI_BACK event to the implementation when dismiss... Vas Crabb4 days1-1/+2
* ddr/kc.cpp, ddr/kc_m.cpp: Tidied up a little. Vas Crabb11 days1-1/+1
* ui/ui.cpp: Cleaned out more leftover crud and removed debug printfs. Vas Crabb2023-02-282-34/+10
* osd/modules/input: Always use DirectInput with desktop window in background m... Vas Crabb2023-02-281-14/+4
* Various cleanups: Vas Crabb2023-02-271-2/+2
* Update accumulating relative inputs exactly once per frame. Vas Crabb2023-02-2487-1611/+1943
* osd: Cleaner way of dealing with input updates. Vas Crabb2023-02-233-0/+13
* Merge branch 'release0252' into mainline-master Vas Crabb2023-02-201-1/+1
| * ui/analogipt.cpp: Fixed failure to display localised analog input adjustments... Vas Crabb2023-02-191-1/+1
* | Reduced usage of sprintf. (#10892) Erik2023-02-201-4/+2
* Input refactoring: Vas Crabb2023-02-1823-75/+132
* Small batch of input refactoring: Vas Crabb2023-02-055-54/+211
* Various input and OSD refactoring: Vas Crabb2023-01-292-1/+1
* Miscellaneous fixes and refactoring: Vas Crabb2023-01-283-4/+12
* -osd: Better XInput and SDL game controller input enhancements: Vas Crabb2023-01-1282-218/+496
* More UI cleanup: Vas Crabb2023-01-058-141/+148
* ui: Give menus an opportunity to recompute metrics on window resize. Vas Crabb2023-01-0432-605/+708
* C++ guidelins update and cleanup: Vas Crabb2022-12-221-20/+12
* ui: Rationalised right panel behaviour: Vas Crabb2022-12-2110-196/+334
* osd/modules/file: Don't magically substitute environment variables when openi... npwoods2022-12-173-83/+109
* ui/state.cpp: Use path concatenation utility function. Vas Crabb2022-11-261-8/+4
* ui/selgame.cpp: Fixed display of software favourites. Vas Crabb2022-10-301-5/+5
* ui: Added support for shows localised system name in Favorites. (#10455) k2-git2022-10-221-2/+3
* armchamp/armchmp2: match not-working and mechanical flags: hap2022-10-041-1/+1
* Move UTF8_xxx string literal macros to new header in lib/util AJR2022-09-254-0/+8
* corefile.h: Move filename utilities to path.h AJR2022-09-256-1/+10
* util/corestr.cpp: Changed core_stricmp to take std::string_view parameters. (... npwoods2022-09-155-12/+12
* Patched up some gaps in functionality and fixed some bugs. Vas Crabb2022-09-0214-155/+280
* OSD/network interface cleanup AJR2022-08-282-0/+2
* inifile.cpp, miscmenu.cpp: Use std::collate for filename sorting AJR2022-08-272-5/+34
* Use util::streqlower in more places AJR2022-08-271-2/+3
* emu/validity.cpp, ui/info.cpp: Base "no sound" check on speaker devices. Vas Crabb2022-08-201-1/+2
* frontend: Swallow save state slot key/button. Vas Crabb2022-08-182-21/+44
* ui/icorender.cpp: Revert initialisations that can hide real bugs. Vas Crabb2022-08-031-3/+3
* cpu16h, icorender.cpp: fix MSVC compile (nw) Peter Ferrie2022-08-011-3/+3
* ui/selgame.cpp, ui/selsoft.cpp: Clear up std::vector asserts triggered when m... jflatt2022-07-162-2/+2
* Added make opions for filter file, adjusted source path display. Vas Crabb2022-06-282-2/+14
* -Updated translations, cleaned up a little. Vas Crabb2022-06-262-0/+7
* ui/selgame.cpp: Avoid assert in std::vector when no items in menu. (#9978) jflatt2022-06-251-1/+1
* Optimisation, and baby steps towards untangling stuff: Vas Crabb2022-06-161-2/+2
* -Got rid of some legacy MESS support glue. Vas Crabb2022-06-132-5/+6
* ui, docs: Added menus to fill a couple of gaps, improved consistency. (#9915) Vas Crabb2022-06-1148-842/+1413
* util/options.h: Removed legacy OPTION_* option type constants. (#9851) npwoods2022-05-302-66/+66
* ui/ui.cpp: Use unordered map for session data, to tempt fate with toolchain b... Vas Crabb2022-05-241-2/+2
* ui/viewgfx.cpp: Fixed some cases where no tiles would appear with tall or wid... Vas Crabb2022-05-211-3/+11
* ui/viewgfx.cpp: Remember orientation/position/scale per tilemap; more encapsu... Vas Crabb2022-05-211-190/+248
* ui/viewgfx.cpp: Added ability to restrict tiles to integer scale factors. (#9... Vas Crabb2022-05-203-973/+981