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* Restored ability of for image devices to report specific error messages. Vas Crabb2023-04-081-4/+12
* Improvements to debugger 'map' command AJR2023-04-021-4/+5
* API change for device_image_interface AJR2023-03-301-2/+3
* Apply workaround for debugger history command consuming ridiculous amounts of... AJR2023-03-291-1/+1
* dimemory: Add the target address space to translate, wrap the constants Olivier Galibert2023-03-181-64/+83
* Revert "Make numbers signed in debugger where it matters" Vas Crabb2022-11-271-19/+21
* Make numbers signed in debugger where it matters AJR2022-11-161-21/+19
* Move debugger command parameter validation helpers into debugger_console AJR2022-10-291-583/+97
* Fix regressions in debugger trace command from d8d588262de1f11a529b208e470cff... AJR2022-09-021-2/+3
* Debugger changes AJR2022-08-281-54/+215
* ui/icorender.cpp: Revert initialisations that can hide real bugs. Vas Crabb2022-08-031-8/+7
* Change debugger command handler parameter vector element type from std::strin... AJR2022-08-021-158/+173
* debugger: Impose an arbitrary upper limit on the count parameter of the gni c... AJR2022-05-221-0/+6
* Add time command to MAME debugger. Returns current machine time. (#9727) tedgreen992022-05-081-0/+10
* Debugger feature improvements AJR2022-03-271-0/+53
* docs: Added page describing how MAME searches for media. Vas Crabb2022-03-101-5/+5
* debugcmd.cpp: Modernize implementation details of mini_printf AJR2022-02-281-49/+46
* Remove fileio.h from emu.h AJR2022-02-111-5/+4
* Render-related cleanup AJR2021-12-301-0/+1
* fixed size prefix in find command [smf] smf-2021-12-281-1/+1
* srcclean in preparation for branching 0.237 release Vas Crabb2021-10-241-1/+1
* Tie up a few loose ends: Vas Crabb2021-10-201-47/+75
* -debugger: Finished updating commands and documentation. Vas Crabb2021-10-191-111/+133
* Still more user experience improvements: Vas Crabb2021-10-181-146/+152
* More user experience improvements: Vas Crabb2021-10-151-17/+36
* More user experience improvements: Vas Crabb2021-10-141-71/+89
* Various improvements to the user experience: Vas Crabb2021-10-131-33/+36
* Fix pcatmem command (probably regressed in 360d3a5950f0649270822e2db1ea25028e... AJR2021-10-051-1/+1
* debugger: Extended target address syntax to include device/address space. (#8... Vas Crabb2021-10-011-785/+1016
* formats, osd, util: Started refactoring file I/O stuff. (#8456) Vas Crabb2021-08-221-3/+3
* Revert "Allow the bpset/wpset/rpset & map commands to act on any cpu, by pref... Vas Crabb2021-08-221-27/+22
* Debugger-related feature removals and cleanup AJR2021-08-151-47/+9
* Allow the bpset/wpset/rpset & map commands to act on any cpu, by prefixing th... smf-2021-07-281-22/+27
* Add %o format support to debugger printf command AJR2021-04-061-0/+26
* debug: add cls command to clear console buffer hap2021-02-161-0/+11
* Eliminate ARRAY_LENGTH template in favor of C++17's std::size AJR2021-02-141-1/+1
* Stop converting debugger console commands to all lowercase before parsing the... AJR2021-02-131-47/+48
* Much more core std::string_view modernization AJR2021-01-201-1/+2
* natkeyboard: Remove from ioport_manager AJR2020-12-261-2/+2
* Fairly significant overhaul of Lua engine and some cleanup. Vas Crabb2020-11-251-33/+33
* Implement views, which are essentially bankdevs integrated into the Olivier Galibert2020-11-221-3/+8
* Add strdump debugger command for dumping memory as ASCII strings AJR2020-11-181-0/+180
* -emu/render.cpp: Load from all external artwork paths. Vas Crabb2020-10-131-2/+2
* emu/debug: Removed more macros, added more const, make a couple more things u... Vas Crabb2020-10-121-2/+2
* Add abs, bit, s8, s16, s32 functions to debugger AJR2020-09-251-9/+67
* Merge tag 'mame0223' into mainline-master Vas Crabb2020-08-061-25/+23
| * -debug/debugcmd.cpp: Don't leak an open FILE when an argument is invalid and ... Vas Crabb2020-08-061-25/+23
* | Add 'fill' command to debugger. Syntax and operation are similar to 'find' co... AJR2020-08-011-0/+112
* srcclean for 0.223 Vas Crabb2020-07-261-1/+1
* add saver to operate memory region (#6837) Jacob2020-06-211-0/+110