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* current mpu4 work + sorting (including progress to make m4andybt display corr... David Haywood21 hours1-2/+5
* Shuffle some declarations around in core headers AJR2 days4-3/+6
* emu: Fixed issues with memory views and snapshot naming. Vas Crabb5 days2-29/+69
* Corrected a few common typos in various source files. (#9963) 0kmg11 days1-1/+1
* bus/nubus: More Mac video card improvements. Vas Crabb12 days3-0/+47
* machine.h: The bookkeeping assert was checking the wrong entity. (#9938) Andrew Green2022-06-161-1/+1
* More scheduler optimisation, Visual Studio build fixes, and cleanup. Vas Crabb2022-06-172-113/+142
* emu/schedule.cpp: Fixed regressions with some temporary timers. Vas Crabb2022-06-161-3/+8
* schedule.h: silence compiler warning in non-debug build hap2022-06-151-1/+1
* Optimisation, and baby steps towards untangling stuff: Vas Crabb2022-06-169-1250/+190
* sound.cpp: Fix missed samples due to state save (#9917) (#9918) couriersud2022-06-152-4/+22
* Prevent debugger commands from being evaluated when they are assignment expre... AJR2022-06-111-1/+3
* ui, docs: Added menus to fill a couple of gaps, improved consistency. (#9915) Vas Crabb2022-06-111-4/+5
* Revert "stupid_git" AJR2022-06-041-13/+21
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master' AJR2022-06-0411-237/+97
| * emu/schedule.cpp: Reduced spam from use of synchronize() - it serves a purpos... Vas Crabb2022-06-042-10/+14
| * - Removed device_timer, device_timer_id, et al in favor of direct callback me... MooglyGuy2022-06-0411-227/+83
* | stupid_git AJR2022-06-041-21/+13
* util/options.h: Removed legacy OPTION_* option type constants. (#9851) npwoods2022-05-301-163/+163
* dvmemory.cpp: Small refactoring; verify that data written to memory spaces re... AJR2022-05-222-10/+38
* debugger: Impose an arbitrary upper limit on the count parameter of the gni c... AJR2022-05-222-1/+8
* Removed superfluous semicolons from various source files. (#9796) 0kmg2022-05-221-1/+1
* diexec: optionally resynchronize to the implicit clock domain on clock freque... Olivier Galibert2022-05-174-12/+17
* emu/emuopts.cpp: Do not lose slot card name when setting slot card BIOS. (#9770) Miodrag Milanović2022-05-171-1/+1
* dinetwork: Add mtu paramter and remove unnecessary floating point calculation... tedgreen992022-05-122-8/+14
* Add time command to MAME debugger. Returns current machine time. (#9727) tedgreen992022-05-083-0/+19
* emuopts.cpp: Fix typo in comment AJR2022-05-031-1/+1
* File handling cleanup AJR2022-04-193-62/+26
* screen.h: set_clock(x) instead of m_clock=x hap2022-04-091-1/+1
* screen: draw until current hpos (not inclusive) when doing an update_now hap2022-04-032-38/+41
* -util/corealloc.h: Reduced make_unique_clear to a single variant for POD arrays. Vas Crabb2022-04-033-18/+27
* Debugger feature improvements AJR2022-03-275-21/+220
* Spectrum graphics improvements (continuation of #9218). (#9355) holub2022-03-201-0/+4
* Fixed some debugger memory view annoyances and cleaned up Lua bindings. Vas Crabb2022-03-161-3/+17
* nes_rob.lay: a bit more compact view hap2022-03-151-8/+8
* nes: added R.O.B. hap2022-03-151-0/+63
* docs: Added page describing how MAME searches for media. Vas Crabb2022-03-103-7/+31
* Fix out of bounds access to std::string_view (#9360) npwoods2022-03-021-1/+1
* debugcmd.cpp: Modernize implementation details of mini_printf AJR2022-02-282-50/+47
* rendlay: fix possible color overflow on disk element hap2022-02-281-7/+7
* emu/devcb.h: Re-added std::moves that aren't pessimising. Vas Crabb2022-02-281-3/+3
* emu/devcb.h: Cleaned up a little using C++17 type traits helpers. Vas Crabb2022-02-281-37/+31
* Use ioprocs classes instead of emu_file for device_nvram_interface's load and... AJR2022-02-272-8/+8
* Lua engine: Make setting analog I/O port field values user-friendly. (#9322) feos2022-02-282-18/+50
* rendlay: remove led8seg_gts1 hap2022-02-262-70/+0
* remove vestiges of artwork dotmatrix element hap2022-02-261-1/+0
* Revert "rendlay: add optional alpha attribute to digit elements" hap2022-02-262-41/+12
* rendlay: add optional alpha attribute to digit elements hap2022-02-252-12/+41
* debugcon.cpp: Use std::string_view in command parsing and eliminate initial b... AJR2022-02-212-140/+118
* New machines marked as NOT_WORKING AJR2022-02-201-0/+1