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* - Removed device_timer, device_timer_id, et al in favor of direct callback me... MooglyGuy2022-06-041-1/+1
* huc6272.cpp: don't return -1 when running out of nybbles in adpcm_update fn, ... angelosa2022-04-111-2/+9
* Use std::clamp in more source files AJR2021-08-151-4/+2
* sound: Add a few new helpers to write_stream_view Aaron Giles2020-09-201-3/+2
* gaelco/gb/hc55516/huc620: update to new stream callback Aaron Giles2020-09-181-7/+11
* Significant internal changes to sound streams (#7169) Aaron Giles2020-09-131-2/+2
* devices/sound: more handler simplification (nw) Ivan Vangelista2020-03-121-1/+1
* src/devices: simplified some handlers (nw) Ivan Vangelista2020-03-111-1/+1
* devcb.cpp: syntactic sugar for constructing/resolving arrays of callbacks (nw) Vas Crabb2020-02-051-3/+2
* srcclean, manual adjustments (nw) Vas Crabb2020-01-261-1/+1
* Fix PC-FX ADPCM frequency behavior (#6213) cam9002020-01-241-18/+20
* huc6230.cpp : Add docs cam9002019-06-151-0/+3
* huc6230.cpp : Fix PSG, Timer'd ADPCM update, Implement CD-DA Volume (#3919) cam9002018-09-021-27/+61
* final cleanup (nw) Vas Crabb2018-08-291-3/+1
* srcclean and manual fixup (nw) Vas Crabb2018-08-261-6/+6
* Add huc6230 Emulation (#3829) cam9002018-08-231-0/+173