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* bus/nes: Continued work on VRC4 and clone boards. (#8713) 0kmg4 hours8-98/+240
* bus/nes: Improved support for Super Cool Boy and related multicarts. (#8706) 0kmg7 hours3-20/+65
* bus/nes: VRC2 only supports two mirroring modes. (#8714) 0kmg7 hours1-7/+1
* bus/nes: Added a couple bootleg games using VRC2 clone hardware. (#8699) 0kmg3 days8-12/+218
* bus/nes: Corrected VRC4/6/7 IRQ pseudo-scanline counter. (#8695) 0kmg3 days2-21/+20
* bus/nes: More VRC clone improvements: (#8690) 0kmg5 days10-312/+225
* bus/nes: Improved support for various VRC clone boards. (#8687) 0kmg6 days12-452/+226
* bus/nes: Added support for Super RPG 5 in 1. (#8680) 0kmg7 days6-2/+115
* bus/nes: Improved 830118C multicarts, all menu items now load. (#8682) 0kmg7 days2-42/+24
* bus/nes: Added support for a couple Korean educational titles. (#8675) 0kmg8 days6-2/+60
* bus/nes: Added emulation for Super Mario Family multicart. (#8677) 0kmg8 days6-3/+123
* bus/nes: Added support for GN-91B and NC-20MB multicart boards. (#8672) 0kmg9 days6-19/+123
* bus/nes: Set multicart bank size in softlist when appropriate. (#8644) 0kmg10 days7-102/+103
* bus/nes: Added support for Golden Mario Party II multicart. (#8667) 0kmg11 days8-4/+138
* bus/nes: Fixed loading and bank locking for EH8813A boards. (#8666) 0kmg11 days2-36/+32
* bus/nes: Added support for K-3033 and 970670C type multicart. (#8665) 0kmg11 days8-7/+203
* bus/nes: Added emulation for a couple homebrew 8 in 1 cartridges. (#8654) 0kmg13 days9-3/+145
* bus/nes: Added MMC1 variant board SZROM. (#8658) 0kmg13 days6-1/+63
* util: Further API cleanups: (#8661) Vas Crabb13 days2-13/+14
* bus/nes: Added emulation for A Winner is You homebrew cart. (#8582) 0kmg2021-10-026-4/+81
* nes.xml: Added a colorful potpourri of games. (#8639) 0kmg2021-10-011-1/+3
* bus/nes: Added support for original Dongdongnao II cartridge. (#8628) 0kmg2021-09-306-4/+86
* nes.xml: Added a missing game from recent N625092 board improvements. (#8632) 0kmg2021-09-291-1/+7
* bus/nes: Fixed graphics issues in Street Heroes. (#8624) 0kmg2021-09-282-21/+46
* bus/nes: Added support for Y2K 420 in 1. (#8622) 0kmg2021-09-286-3/+93
* Actually stage the fix to validity.cpp, clean up video/kikikai.cpp a little, ... Vas Crabb2021-09-261-1/+1
* bus/nes: Updates for BMC-70IN1 and BMC-800IN1 boards. (#8609) 0kmg2021-09-267-163/+137
* bus/nes: Simplified handling of SxROM + MMC1A boards a bit. (#8614) 0kmg2021-09-267-141/+50
* bus/nes: Added support for a bootleg Sangokushi II cartridge. (#8615) 0kmg2021-09-266-5/+115
* bus/nes: Uncommented some existing code for Toy Story pirate cart. (#8617) 0kmg2021-09-265-111/+106
* srcclean in preparation for MAME 0.235, and two small adjustments. Vas Crabb2021-09-262-3/+3
* bus/nes: Fixed hardwired 4-screen mirroring for MMC3 games. (#8620) 0kmg2021-09-251-1/+2
* bus/nes: Added support for Donkey Kong 8 in 1. (#8603) 0kmg2021-09-216-16/+98
* bus/nes: Added support for Star Versus. (#8598) 0kmg2021-09-216-4/+74
* bus/nes: Added support for several Shenzhen Jncota RPGs. (#8500) 0kmg2021-09-216-1/+151
* bus/nes: Several small separate fixes. (#8580) 0kmg2021-09-217-153/+49
* bus/nes: Added support for Super Russian Roulette. 0kmg2021-09-187-3/+285
* Merge pull request #8584 from 0kmg/nes-mappers-382,392 ajrhacker2021-09-188-5/+182
| * bus/nes: Added support for two more multicarts. 0kmg2021-09-188-5/+182
* | bus/nes: Fixed graphics glitches for BMC-GKB board multicarts. 0kmg2021-09-187-150/+29
* Merge pull request #8573 from 0kmg/nes-mapper233 ajrhacker2021-09-156-156/+57
| * bus/nes: Improved emulation of reset-based 42 in 1 cartridge. 0kmg2021-09-146-156/+57
* | bus/nes: Added support for an NTDEC 14 in 1 cartridge. 0kmg2021-09-156-4/+62
* bus/nes: Added support for 820720C and JY820845C multicarts. 0kmg2021-09-138-10/+229
* bus/nes: Simplified Zemina board + some minor comment clean ups. 0kmg2021-09-127-71/+37
* bus/nes: Added support for Blood of Jurassic and Super Hang-On. (#8502) 0kmg2021-09-126-4/+106
* bus/nes: More fixes for various multicart types. 0kmg2021-09-126-124/+71
* bus/nes: Added support for HP-898F board and related multicarts. (#8533) 0kmg2021-09-126-4/+67
* Merge pull request #8559 from 0kmg/nes-mappers-297,374 ajrhacker2021-09-1110-137/+313
| * Converted Chinese Ninja Ryukenden to MMC1 subclass. 0kmg2021-09-104-120/+47