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* bus/electron: Added Millsgrade Voxbox Speech Synthesiser. Nigel Barnes2022-10-181-2/+2
* bus/electron: Added the ElkSD64 and ElkSD128 Electron SD interfaces. Nigel Barnes2022-06-051-0/+4
* bus/electron: Added a homebrew 68000 second processor. Nigel Barnes2021-08-211-0/+2
* bus/electron: Use input_merger for IRQs where required and various minor clea... Nigel Barnes2020-09-071-7/+0
* bus/electron: Added the P.R.E.S. AP1/AP6 and First Byte Printer Interface dev... Nigel Barnes2020-08-231-2/+4
* bus/electron: Added the JAFA Mode 7 Display Unit. Nigel Barnes2020-08-191-2/+2
* electron: Added Wizard Sidewinder Rom Expansion Board. [Nigel Barnes, Binary ... Nigel Barnes2019-11-061-0/+4
* Spring cleaning: Vas Crabb2019-11-011-3/+3
* (nw) Clean up the mess on master Vas Crabb2019-03-261-22/+8
* Revert "conflict resolution (nw)" andreasnaive2019-03-251-8/+22
* bus/bbc/1mhzbus, bus/bbc/tube, bus/electron, tube: Eliminate address_space ar... AJR2019-02-251-4/+4
* electron: Amended cartridge slot interface to include OE and OE2 lines to spe... Nigel Barnes2019-01-231-20/+6
* Make MCFG_DEVICE_ADD and callable device types more flexible: Vas Crabb2018-05-041-12/+13
* electron: Re-implemented cartridge slot device, and added cartridge devices: Nigel Barnes2018-01-261-4/+0
* electron: Re-implemented expansion port interface to access full 6502 bus. Nigel Barnes2018-01-161-2/+28
* electron: Added Rombox, Rombox+ expansion devices, and electron_rom software ... Nigel Barnes2018-01-111-5/+4
* electron: Added Acorn Plus 1 expansion device Nigel Barnes2017-11-081-4/+4
* Move static data out of devices into the device types. This is a significant... Vas Crabb2017-05-141-3/+3
* electron: Added Power Software joystick interface Nigel Barnes2017-04-211-2/+2
* electron: Added First Byte joystick interface Nigel Barnes2017-03-231-8/+15
* Self-registering devices prep: Vas Crabb2017-02-271-1/+1
* Remove emu.h from headers (nw) Olivier Galibert2017-02-111-0/+1
* NOTICE (TYPE NAME CONSOLIDATION) Miodrag Milanovic2016-10-221-1/+1
* electron: added Acorn Plus 3 expansion as slot device (floppy support) Nigel Barnes2016-09-021-15/+5
* New NOT WORKING machine Nigel Barnes2016-07-161-7/+32
* Cleanup and version bumpmame0175 Miodrag Milanovic2016-06-291-1/+1
* electron: added preliminary expansion port Nigel Barnes2016-06-051-0/+104