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* New clones marked as NOT_WORKINGHEADmaster Ivan Vangelista4 hours4-5/+48
* namcos1.cpp: corrected the program ROM label for Tank Force (US, 2 Players) [... Ivan Vangelista5 hours1-2/+2
* New clones marked as NOT_WORKING Ivan Vangelista5 hours2-0/+28
* Fix compile on GCC x64 Linux [R. Belmont] arbee11 hours1-1/+1
* New games added as MACHINE_NOT_WORKING arbee11 hours2-0/+127
* util/delegate.cpp: Fixed calculation of this pointer when casting member func... Vas Crabb16 hours1-1/+2
* util/delegate.h: Try to catch issues earlier, and some cleanup. Vas Crabb18 hours6-448/+1007
* sharrier: Hook up MCU, remove simulation (#8552) Dirk Best19 hours2-65/+69
* merits.cpp: Correctly identified set as "Pub Time Darts II" (#8595) ClawGrip20 hours2-9/+31
* Merge pull request #8591 from 0kmg/nes-batlab ajrhacker32 hours8-3/+286
| * bus/nes: Added support for Super Russian Roulette. 0kmg41 hours8-3/+286
* | util/delegate.cpp: Fixed multiple issues. Vas Crabb40 hours2-130/+277
* | spi_sdcard: add a child device which supports the SDV2 (non-HC) standard. [R.... arbee41 hours2-10/+55
* spi_sdcard: Support CMD16 (SET_BLOCKLEN) for improved SDv2 compatibility. [R.... arbee42 hours2-6/+26
* harddisk.cpp: Allow specifying the desired block size for loose files / verif... arbee42 hours2-7/+47
* Merge pull request #8584 from 0kmg/nes-mappers-382,392 ajrhacker44 hours8-5/+182
| * bus/nes: Added support for two more multicarts. 0kmg2 days8-5/+182
* | Merge pull request #8585 from 0kmg/nes-mapper58 ajrhacker44 hours7-150/+29
|\ \
| * | bus/nes: Fixed graphics glitches for BMC-GKB board multicarts. 0kmg2 days7-150/+29
| |/
* | sound/disc_sys.hxx, ymz770: Use std::clamp for clamping AJR3 days2-10/+8
* | wrinkles: added most of the sensors hap3 days4-58/+42
* | util/strformat.h: Detect C++ standard > C++17 before doing weird stuff. Vas Crabb3 days2-11/+16
* | util/strformat.h, util/delegate.h: More cleanup and future-proofing. Vas Crabb3 days3-150/+136
* | fix gime master interrupt switches (#8583) tim lindner3 days1-0/+22
* | 4004clk: fix 50hz setting hap3 days1-26/+51
* msx.cpp: Fixed typo (MT8084) (#8581) 0kmg4 days1-1/+1
* plaparse: Fix regression caused by parser eating '#' comment characters AJR4 days1-6/+4
* vtech/sdloader: Add support for SPI SD card Dirk Best4 days2-6/+122
* segas16b.cpp: decapped and dumped I8751 MCU for altbeastj [simzy, Gor, Ryan H... Ivan Vangelista4 days2-50/+6
* Remove VISIBLE_SOUND_OVERDRIVE compile-time option in favor of enabling the r... Aaron Giles4 days1-3/+1
* Fix build on systems where size_t is not the same as uint64_t AJR4 days2-6/+6
* Convert JED, PLA and JEDBIN parsers to (mostly) use ioprocs instead of raw me... AJR4 days7-258/+250
* mrgame.cpp: Fixed 5bpp sprite layout, only put attribute handler over tilemap... Vas Crabb5 days1-15/+14
* mrgame.cpp: Add tilemap drawing - dakar works properly, wcup90 has some issues. Vas Crabb5 days1-39/+109
* Fixed some delegate use issues. Vas Crabb5 days2-5/+10
* -util/delegate.cpp: One less level of indirection for functoid delegates. Vas Crabb5 days7-95/+320
* Merge pull request #8573 from 0kmg/nes-mapper233 ajrhacker5 days6-156/+57
| * bus/nes: Improved emulation of reset-based 42 in 1 cartridge. 0kmg5 days6-156/+57
* | Merge pull request #8574 from 0kmg/nes-mapper435 ajrhacker5 days6-4/+62
|\ \
| * | bus/nes: Added support for an NTDEC 14 in 1 cartridge. 0kmg5 days6-4/+62
| |/
* | namcos12: update notes hap5 days2-9/+7
* | namcos12: redumped kartduel data roms [Darksoft, Hammy] hap5 days5-25/+60
* | fidel_checkc2: forgot to copy over local artwork file hap5 days2-29/+29
* | h8 intc: Fix nmi on h8/300 Olivier Galibert5 days1-5/+5
* Merge pull request #8571 from 0kmg/nes-mappers-393,550 ajrhacker5 days8-10/+229
| * bus/nes: Added support for 820720C and JY820845C multicarts. 0kmg6 days8-10/+229
* | New working machines hap6 days8-21/+441
* | New machines marked as NOT_WORKING Robbbert6 days2-1/+32
* | motrshow: merged motrshowa into, and added another version as bioses. Robbbert6 days2-30/+10
* | macattck: updated rom definitions. Robbbert6 days1-14/+14