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* added hiscore plugin (disabled for now) (nw) Miodrag Milanovic2016-03-224-0/+14234
* put license for plugins (nw) Miodrag Milanovic2016-03-054-1/+11
* fix lua script on boot (nw) Miodrag Milanovic2016-03-051-2/+1
* removed Apache 2 licensed library since it is not possible to mix with GPL2 (nw) Miodrag Milanovic2016-03-0460-4135/+0
* Added plugin info json files and made system automatically load available plu... Miodrag Milanovic2016-02-1419-20/+202
* Added plugins and boot.lua as startup script [Miodrag Milanovic] Miodrag Milanovic2016-02-1449-0/+4770