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* Move MSVC clean out of core makefile and into windows.mak where it belongs. Aaron Giles2009-09-211-7/+1
* Added deletion of MSVC specific files to clean task. Curt Coder2009-09-161-0/+6
* Added infrastructure to compile universal standalone disassembler: Aaron Giles2009-08-221-1/+2
* Now turn symbols and mapfile generation off... man, I'm dumb. (no whatsnew) Ryan Holtz2009-07-291-2/+2
* Turning debug flag back off in the makefile (no whatsnew) Ryan Holtz2009-07-291-3/+3
* Simplified Atomiswave's decryption routine & keys. [Andreas Naive] Andreas Naive2009-07-291-1/+1
* CPU cores are now enabled on a per cpu core family basis instead of per cpu c... Wilbert Pol2009-03-251-1/+1
* Having decided to look at the MAME source again, I have a fairly minor patch: Aaron Giles2009-03-191-5/+0
* Modified the makefile to support experimental optional C++ Aaron Giles2009-02-281-32/+61
* Removed DEBUGGER flag from makefile and ENABLE_DEBUGGER Aaron Giles2008-06-261-10/+2
* PowerPC dynamic recompiler: [Aaron Giles] Aaron Giles2008-06-051-8/+0
* New universal dynamic recompiler system. The central module Aaron Giles2008-05-111-2/+5
* From: Marc Sandusky Aaron Giles2008-04-021-0/+8
* Followup to r767: Couriersud2008-02-221-0/+14
* Changed debugger-related code to be based off a new makefile define (DEBUGGER... Aaron Giles2008-02-021-3/+11
* Copyright cleanup: Aaron Giles2008-01-061-1/+1
* (From Oliver Stoneberg) Aaron Giles2008-01-041-1/+0
* Changes for MAME 0.121u4.mame0121u4 Aaron Giles2007-12-171-0/+4
* Changes for MAME 0.121u3.mame0121u3 Aaron Giles2007-12-171-8/+0
* Changes for MAME 0.121u2.mame0121u2 Aaron Giles2007-12-171-84/+39
* Changes for MAME 0.121u1.mame0121u1 Aaron Giles2007-12-171-7/+14
* Initial checkin of MAME 0.121.mame0121 Aaron Giles2007-12-171-0/+586