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* XML work, nw Angelo Salese2011-05-211-47/+30
* Preliminary softwarelist for STV's multi-cart format. [Tafoid] Scott Stone2011-05-201-19/+1091
* Cleaned up one thing Angelo Salese2011-05-181-11/+11
* Implemented multi-cart support to ST-V driver [Angelo Salese] Angelo Salese2011-05-181-0/+46
* Blame Micko ... Angelo Salese2011-05-041-487/+0
* Ok, enough Vectrshit for today Angelo Salese2011-05-041-0/+487
* megatech.xml: removed bogus attribute (we don't use merge to mark clones) Fabio Priuli2011-03-271-2/+2
* minor DTD change to have fully correct xml lists (the ROM_FILL correspondent ... Fabio Priuli2011-03-271-2/+3
* softlist.c: split the <info> field (added some time ago to handle compatibili... Fabio Priuli2011-03-271-1/+7
* New games added or promoted from NOT_WORKING status Fabio Priuli2011-02-081-0/+15
* Fix for Haze's (or Kale's) lazyness ;P Fabio Priuli2011-01-271-0/+48
* megatech.xml: Fixed the few remaining issue [David Haywood] Fabio Priuli2011-01-271-54/+57
* Converted remaining Mega-Tech sets to XML and added to megatech.xml. Scott Stone2011-01-271-48/+609
* Added a preliminary Softlist support for Sega Megatech, that allows multi-car... Angelo Salese2011-01-261-0/+114