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* (nw) f,g*.xml : removed offset=0GravatarGravatar Robbbert2019-05-161-9/+9
* (MESS) glcolor: added LCD emulation and inputs. [Sandro Ronco]GravatarGravatar Sandro Ronco2014-06-281-60/+0
* (MESS) Moved some carts from genius.xml to gl2000.xml/gl6000sl.xml. (nw)GravatarGravatar Sandro Ronco2014-02-281-89/+0
* used old version of srcclean, so I put back old files and run it again, it pr...GravatarGravatar Miodrag Milanovic2013-03-191-5/+5
* Cleanups and version bumpmame0148u2GravatarGravatar Miodrag Milanovic2013-03-191-5/+5
* use spaces in xml comments. This is the output from a local srcclean change a...GravatarGravatar smf-2013-01-111-5/+5
* Cleanups and version bumpmame0148GravatarGravatar Miodrag Milanovic2013-01-111-5/+5
* genius.xml: fixed comments to be valid xml. nw.GravatarGravatar Fabio Priuli2012-12-231-2/+2
* Cleanups and version bumpmame0147u4GravatarGravatar Miodrag Milanovic2012-12-171-10/+10
* (MESS) iq128: use a softlist also for ROMless cartridges. (nw)GravatarGravatar Sandro Ronco2012-12-051-14/+0
* (MESS) genius.xml: misic doc updates. no whatsnew.GravatarGravatar Fabio Priuli2012-11-241-74/+122
* (MESS) genius: Added software list for VTech Genius cartridges. [Team Europe,...GravatarGravatar Curt Coder2012-11-211-0/+269