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* gameboy.xml: New NOT_WORKING software list additionGravatarGravatar ClawGrip2019-05-101-0/+11
* (nw) Clean up the mess on masterGravatarGravatar Vas Crabb2019-03-261-13/+14
* Revert "conflict resolution (nw)"GravatarGravatar andreasnaive2019-03-251-14/+13
* Fix typo (nw) (#4805)GravatarGravatar ClawGrip2019-03-231-1/+1
* gameboy.xml: Add alternate game serials (nw)GravatarGravatar ClawGrip2019-01-031-12/+13
* srcclean and fixup (nw)GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb2018-11-251-92/+92
* Update carts hardware info (nw)GravatarGravatar ClawGrip2018-11-211-11/+189
* Add notes about "Barcode Boy" and "GBKiss" compatible games (nw) (#4254)GravatarGravatar ClawGrip2018-11-091-3/+156
* srcclean and manual fixup (nw)GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb2018-08-261-1/+1
* gameboy.xml - Add some documentation research from No-IntroGravatarGravatar Rebecca Wallander2018-08-201-7/+48
* Gameboy camera rom functional (#3442)GravatarGravatar Risugami2018-04-161-3/+3
* Regional game names fixes (Spanish special characters)GravatarGravatar ClawGrip2018-03-271-1/+1
* srcclean (nw)GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb2017-07-231-1/+1
* gameboy: fix SGB VRAM transfers (#2504)GravatarGravatar Tauwasser2017-07-221-2/+0
* Gameboy v8 (#2477)GravatarGravatar Tauwasser2017-07-151-1/+13
* gameboy.xml: clean up Gowin informationGravatarGravatar Tauwasser2017-06-211-12/+28
* srcclean (nw)GravatarGravatar Vas Crabb2017-04-231-2/+2
* gameboy.xml: Added double cart Song of the Pipa / Magic Ball (NOT WORKING) ...GravatarGravatar Scott Stone2017-03-261-1/+21
* correct clone relationship for zoopj (nw)GravatarGravatar sparrowred2016-12-231-14/+14
* reverted last change (nw)GravatarGravatar sparrowred2016-12-231-18/+2
* Merge remote-tracking branch 'upstream/master'GravatarGravatar sparrowred2016-12-231-2094/+3469
| * New WORKING software list additionsGravatarGravatar Justin Kerk2016-10-191-0/+15
| * now that we document (some) pcb, it makes a lot of senseGravatarGravatar etabeta782016-06-031-1/+40
| * clean up. nw.GravatarGravatar etabeta782016-06-021-262/+43
| * added more info to pippin.xml and a couple of additionalGravatarGravatar etabeta782016-05-301-2/+7
| * Merge pull request #896 from Tauwasser/gameboy_v5GravatarGravatar etabeta782016-05-251-127/+8
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| | * Gameboy: clean-up of Sachen ROM supportGravatarGravatar Tauwasser2016-05-241-125/+6
| | * Gameboy: add correct M161 implementationGravatarGravatar Tauwasser2016-05-241-1/+1
| | * Gameboy: remove M12 from M161 mapper designationGravatarGravatar Tauwasser2016-05-241-1/+1
| * | Cleanups and version bumpmame0174GravatarGravatar Miodrag Milanovic2016-05-251-184/+184
| |/
| * another (and last for this development cycle) round ofGravatarGravatar etabeta782016-05-241-1/+1
| * Fix for megadriv.xml duplicate publisher and numerous format fixes for recent...GravatarGravatar Scott Stone2016-05-171-1/+1
| * gameboy.xml: Finally started documenting Game Boy PCBs,GravatarGravatar etabeta782016-05-161-1668/+3236
| * misc info updates and a couple of redumps that I missedGravatarGravatar etabeta782016-05-091-82/+108
| * many more from my backlog. in particular: replaced Teshu Budui 2GravatarGravatar etabeta782016-05-061-9/+53
* | correct clone relationship for zoopj (nw)GravatarGravatar sparrowred2016-12-231-14/+14
* fixed whitespace for publishers and descriptions in softwarelist xmls (nw)GravatarGravatar sparrowred2015-10-281-1/+1
* (MESS) softlist: added a bunch of new dumps from various sources, andGravatarGravatar etabeta782015-04-221-1/+1
* (MESS) gameboy: added support for the simple multigame mapper usedGravatarGravatar etabeta782015-04-131-11/+50
* (MESS) gameboy: added preliminary emulation of Sachen MMC-1 mapper,GravatarGravatar etabeta782015-04-131-102/+52
* (MESS) gameboy, gbcolor: added a configuration setting GravatarGravatar Fabio Priuli2014-10-051-2/+2
* (MESS) gameboy.xml: new prototype dump (not working). nw.GravatarGravatar Fabio Priuli2014-10-031-0/+14
* (MESS) gameboy.xml: added a bunch of new dumps. nw.GravatarGravatar Fabio Priuli2014-09-121-6/+63
* (MESS) gameboy: added dump of Color GameBoy 188 in 1 multicart,GravatarGravatar Fabio Priuli2014-09-051-0/+13
* (MESS) softlist: misc gb / gbc dumps added. nw.GravatarGravatar Fabio Priuli2014-09-051-0/+12
* (MESS) softlist: misc new dumps. nw.GravatarGravatar Fabio Priuli2014-08-271-2/+20
* periodical round of updates (including in particular the recent dump of FC Pa...GravatarGravatar Fabio Priuli2014-08-031-80/+95
* softlist: added a bunch of new dumps from misc sources. nw.GravatarGravatar Fabio Priuli2014-06-251-0/+13
* silencing cmpro. nw.GravatarGravatar Fabio Priuli2014-04-091-2/+2