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* Cleanups and version bumpmame0148u1GravatarGravatar Miodrag Milanovic2013-02-111-3/+3
* (MESS) c64: Added support for the VizaStar cartridge. [Curt Coder]GravatarGravatar Curt Coder2013-02-101-0/+23
* (MESS) c64: Added dummy dataarea for dummy entries. (nw)GravatarGravatar Curt Coder2013-02-021-0/+4
* (MESS) Softlist additions. (nw)GravatarGravatar Curt Coder2013-01-301-0/+22
* (MESS) c64: Cartridge WIP. (nw)GravatarGravatar Curt Coder2013-01-291-2/+4
* use spaces in xml comments. This is the output from a local srcclean change a...GravatarGravatar smf-2013-01-111-63/+63
* (MESS) Floppy fixes WIP. (nw)GravatarGravatar Curt Coder2013-01-111-0/+2
* Cleanups and version bumpmame0148GravatarGravatar Miodrag Milanovic2013-01-111-15/+15
* (MESS) c64: Cartridge WIP. (nw)GravatarGravatar Curt Coder2013-01-061-4/+3
* (MESS) c64: Softlist additions. (nw)GravatarGravatar Curt Coder2013-01-061-1/+18
* (MESS) c64: Softlist additions. (nw)GravatarGravatar Curt Coder2013-01-041-19/+94
* (MESS) c64: Softlist additions. (nw)GravatarGravatar Curt Coder2013-01-031-1/+18
* (MESS) c64: Cartridge WIP. (nw)GravatarGravatar Curt Coder2013-01-031-2/+0
* (MESS) c64: Added IDEDOS 0.90 and Prince of Persia to the cartridge software ...GravatarGravatar Curt Coder2013-01-021-2/+39
* (MESS) c64: Softlist additions. (nw)GravatarGravatar Curt Coder2012-12-071-0/+54
* (MESS) c64: Fixed C64GS cartridge. (nw)GravatarGravatar Curt Coder2012-10-281-2/+2
* (MESS) c64: Added cartridge to sotflist. (nw)GravatarGravatar Curt Coder2012-09-281-0/+13
* Sync software lists from MESS into hash (no whatsnew)GravatarGravatar Miodrag Milanovic2012-08-211-0/+6363