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* Minor fix to Shift-F11 description.GravatarGravatar Jonathan Gevaryahu2008-10-161-1/+1
* Update docs a bit. Turn off debugger by default.GravatarGravatar Aaron Giles2008-06-261-5/+4
* Added new function video_get_view_for_target() which selects a view basedGravatarGravatar Aaron Giles2008-06-161-2/+3
| | | | | | on a command-line parameter and the configuration. Changed Windows OSD code to use this instead of its own logic. Changed -snapview to share the logic as well, enabling 'auto' as a -snapview option.
* Cleaned up software bilinear filtering code. Added bounds checking.GravatarGravatar Aaron Giles2008-06-161-0/+23
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | Enabled by default for snapshots and movie rendering. Added new option: -snapsize, which lets you specify the target resolution for snapshots and movies. The existing behavior is still the default: create snapshots and movies at native pixel resolutions. Added new option: -snapview, which lets you specify a particular view to use for rendering snapshots and movies. The existing behavior is still the default: use a special internal view and render each screen to its own snapshot in its own file. When using this option to specify a view other than 'internal', only a single snapshot file will be produced regardless of how many screens the game has. Improved AVI and MNG recording to properly duplicate/skip frames as appropriate to keep the correct framerate.
* Added option -[no]coin_lockout (-[no]coinlock) to control coin lockout behavior.GravatarGravatar Aaron Giles2008-06-121-0/+10
* Added new option -snapname which lets you provide a template for how snapshotGravatarGravatar Aaron Giles2008-05-291-0/+14
| | | | | | | names are generated. Added new astring functions astring_del, astring_replace, and astring_replacec to help perform simple search/replace substitution.
* Added uncompressed AVI recording. Extended aviio to be ableGravatarGravatar Aaron Giles2008-05-131-0/+6
| | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | | to write RGB bitmaps. Unfortunately, the only option is fully uncompressed, which means the resulting AVIs are *HUGE* and may not play correctly in realtime due to high data rate. The intention is that these uncompressed AVIs are post-processed by other utilities to compress the video and produce a realtime playable result. Added new command-line option -aviwrite which works just like -mngwrite, except it produces AVIs and streams sound to them. Updated documentation accordingly. Shift+F12 still produces MNGs for now, though this might change in the future. Modified fileio.c to retain the full pathname to the file so that it can be queried while the file is open.
* Cleanups on the doc files.GravatarGravatar Aaron Giles2008-02-135-392/+392
| | | | Fixed high-ASCII characters in newvideo.txt which was breaking its view on the source browser.
* Fixed bogus characters in newvideo.txt.GravatarGravatar Aaron Giles2007-12-181-19/+19
| | | | | Fixed const changes in sidvoice.c. Removed GAME_SUPPORTS_SAVE from namcond1 driver.
* Changes for MAME 0.121u4.mame0121u4GravatarGravatar Aaron Giles2007-12-171-0/+7
* First checkin of MAME 0.121 docs folder.GravatarGravatar Aaron Giles2007-12-175-0/+1532