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* Create subseconds class to wrap sub-second times. Currently just maps to atto...time-experiments Aaron Giles2021-04-011-4/+133
* More statistics improvements Aaron Giles2021-03-312-6/+22
* Add lots of statistics. Don't put never timers on the active list. Aaron Giles2021-03-312-36/+118
* Reorganized diexec fields to be more optimal. Moved execution and suspend log... Aaron Giles2021-03-306-207/+266
* Put in some dummy values for 0 clocks to prevent divide by zero int he core e... Aaron Giles2021-03-301-0/+2
* Some internal name cleanup. Don't bother registering the internal periodic ti... Aaron Giles2021-03-303-334/+252
* Change the way timers are saved. Use presave to populate a fixed array of dat... Aaron Giles2021-03-296-416/+639
* Added stricter checks on allocation of device timers. Fixed several places th... Aaron Giles2021-03-2736-220/+186
* Small cleanups. Properly differentiate persistent_timer::init for device time... Aaron Giles2021-03-266-55/+51
* Fixes to mingw build. Aaron Giles2021-03-262-134/+1
* Major timer object reshuffling. timer_expired_delegate wraps the various call... Aaron Giles2021-03-261337-2269/+2463
* Align timer device callback form with regular (old-style) timer form for even... Aaron Giles2021-03-2512-17/+21
* Require a timer ID for device's synchronize. Several people were calling sync... Aaron Giles2021-03-254-11/+11
* Update dcs.cpp to try out some of the new callback types. Aaron Giles2021-03-252-40/+26
* Use the device-provided timer_alloc instead of reaching around to the schedul... Aaron Giles2021-03-25403-779/+775
* Add scheduler object and accessor to device_t. Upgrade all 3 timer parameters... Aaron Giles2021-03-241149-1356/+1361
* Unsplit timer.h and just moved schedule.h up higher in the emu.h include orde... Aaron Giles2021-03-2410-208/+332
* Fully deprecate unregistered timer_set/synchronize. Standardize on emu_timer_... Aaron Giles2021-03-248-222/+233
* Final round of old-school synchronization removal. Aaron Giles2021-03-2331-31/+99
* Yet more old-school synchronization removal. Aaron Giles2021-03-2337-56/+165
* More old-school synchronization removal. Aaron Giles2021-03-2330-25/+103
* Remove some old-school synchronize calls. Add an optional unique ID pointer t... Aaron Giles2021-03-2325-34/+102
* Add 2 extra u64 parameters to timers. Currently not passed to the callback; t... Aaron Giles2021-03-234-24/+45
* enregister_interface -> interface_enregister Aaron Giles2021-03-233-6/+6
* First round of global synchronize removals. Aaron Giles2021-03-2319-24/+129
* Renamed timer_expired_registered_delegate to emu_timer_cb. Removed all timer_... Aaron Giles2021-03-2359-145/+257
* First round of timer_set conversions. Aaron Giles2021-03-2219-14/+42
* Removed ptr parameter from temporary timers. Fixed a handful of places that u... Aaron Giles2021-03-2215-56/+198
* Timer streamlining. Maintain timers in two lists (active/inactive). Fix sever... Aaron Giles2021-03-223-333/+649
* Add dirtying logic to basetime_relative to defer attotime processing until qu... Aaron Giles2021-03-193-11/+21
* Move high-frequency fields to the state. Move m_inputs to the end, since that... Aaron Giles2021-03-192-33/+19
* Track the relative time of the next expiring timer, rather than using relativ... Aaron Giles2021-03-192-65/+130
* Split timeslice() into debugging and non-debugging versions to save a compare... Aaron Giles2021-03-193-13/+16
* Merge branch 'master' into time-experiments Aaron Giles2021-03-1928-541/+562
| * Fix memory regions on YM2608 games. Aaron Giles2021-03-193-8/+8
| * mac128: Updates [R. Belmont, O. Galibert, Patrick Mackinlay] arbee2021-03-181-262/+227
| * vgmplay.xml: Fixed some shortnames to match MAME. Scott Stone2021-03-181-2/+2
| * wc90: Fix ADPCM sound Aaron Giles2021-03-183-11/+13
| * apple2gs: dont segfault if floppy not present, eg -fdc:3 "" (#7871) ksherlock2021-03-181-2/+2
| * elan_eu3a05vid: Make MSVC happy. Aaron Giles2021-03-181-2/+2
| * namconb1: Making the clip registers signed, fixes vshoot MT#6789. The underl... Olivier Galibert2021-03-181-4/+5
| * a7800: reassign reset and select buttons sway from joystick2; show message if... Robbbert2021-03-192-2/+3
| * New working clones Ivan Vangelista2021-03-182-0/+66
| * hd647180x: Eliminate data space and instead map internal RAM into program spa... AJR2021-03-174-58/+16
| * plugins/cheat: fix selection cracyc2021-03-171-1/+1
| * momoko: fixed glitches on high score table after memory system updates (was r... David Haywood2021-03-172-148/+137
| * tecmo16.cpp - improve IRQ ack mechanism David Haywood2021-03-175-36/+68
| * new NOT WORKING machines (#7860) David Haywood2021-03-172-5/+12
* | Aim for overshoot rather than undershoot when scheduling devices, reducing ne... Aaron Giles2021-03-191-50/+46
* | Quick test to see performance difference of using attoseconds exclusively dur... Aaron Giles2021-03-184-42/+161