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* version bump (nw)mame0221 Vas Crabb2020-05-182-4/+4
* hp80.cpp: mark language variants of HP 86B as clones (nw) Vas Crabb2020-05-151-4/+4
* taitosj.cpp: since we're renaming these anyway, let's capitalise initialisms ... Vas Crabb2020-05-151-6/+6
* (nw) cleanup: Vas Crabb2020-05-154-9/+9
* microvision: workaround MT7586, no visible change (nw) hap2020-05-101-5/+7
* microvision: fix backwards lcd screen blend mode (nw) hap2020-05-091-5/+3
* (nw) missing parent/clone relationships for new chess computers Vas Crabb2020-04-292-7/+7
* Namco custom fix (#6598) Mike2020-04-272-4/+14
* apple2: fix DHGR shift, NTSC artifact colors work with HLSL (GitHub issue #63... arbee2020-04-271-3/+3
* companyname correction (nw) hap2020-04-276-49/+71
* fix warning with vs2019_clang, from_ticks() takes whole numbers. (nw) smf-2020-04-271-2/+1
* (nw) battles: fixed crash at start. Sounds are missing though, to be investig... Robbbert2020-04-271-4/+4
* whitespace cleanup (nw) Vas Crabb2020-04-272-19/+14
* srcclean and manual cleanup (nw) Vas Crabb2020-04-2675-668/+668
* (nw) advision: fixed a bug that was accidently included last night. Robbbert2020-04-262-4/+5
* apple2gs: fix missing 128K from -ramsize (GitHub issue #6465) [gorlik, R. Bel... arbee2020-04-251-89/+116
* (nw) goori.cpp: Remove duplicate include braintro2020-04-251-1/+0
* netlist: rename some macros. (nw) couriersud2020-04-2626-98/+75
* remove unused variable (nw) smf-2020-04-251-1/+0
* Machines promoted to working hap2020-04-253-12/+157
* we32100d: Fix mask (nw) AJR2020-04-251-1/+1
* ibm5150.xml: Rearrange simcity sets (#6578) (nw) Justin Kerk2020-04-251-34/+34
* fixed stray character (nw) smf-2020-04-251-1/+1
* appease vs2019_clang with llvm 10.0 smf-2020-04-2512-30/+42
* -vgmplay: Added a hold button. [Ryan Holtz] Ryan Holtz2020-04-251-13/+32
* lsasquad.cpp: added dip locations [Guru] Ivan Vangelista2020-04-251-35/+35
* -vgmplay: Added rate controls. [Ryan Holtz] Ryan Holtz2020-04-251-2/+18
* Merge branch 'master' of Robbbert2020-04-261-2/+2
| * polepos: 1 more append writeline, was already there (nw) hap2020-04-251-2/+2
* | advision: fixed some bugs uncovered by the Code Red demo. Robbbert2020-04-261-7/+7
* drgnmst.cpp : mastfury - improve background rendering (nw) + cps1.cpp : actua... David Haywood2020-04-253-25/+80
* Merge pull request #6595 from hackbar/polepos_reset R. Belmont2020-04-251-3/+3
| * polepos: append, not set, the reset line to the latch Mike Harris2020-04-251-3/+3
* scptchess: add save switch (nw) hap2020-04-256-34/+64
* segas32.cpp: updated the sound ROMs for the other radr revisions, too (nw) Ivan Vangelista2020-04-251-6/+6
* segas32.cpp: redumped radr sound ROMs [farzeno] Ivan Vangelista2020-04-251-3/+2
* netlist: clang tidy fixes and srcclean. (nw) couriersud2020-04-253-3/+8
* netlist: unify solver calls. (nw) couriersud2020-04-2516-169/+183
* Merge pull request #6590 from DavidHaywood/240420_2 R. Belmont2020-04-252-1/+164
| * new WORKING machine DavidHaywood2020-04-252-1/+164
* | Namco custom chip improvements. (#6589) Mike2020-04-2517-571/+423
* | netlist: improve readability. (nw) couriersud2020-04-2515-57/+73
* | appease vs2019 (nw) smf-2020-04-254-7/+7
* | rungun.cpp: fixed MT07617 [sjy96525] Ivan Vangelista2020-04-251-1/+1
* | goori.cpp: Added PCB layout for Goori Goori. [Brian Troha] braintro2020-04-241-21/+61
* | unbreak vs2019 after 822e05189678719821c9ec715f07f2424086a82d (nw) smf-2020-04-251-2/+2
* | stvcd.cpp: move note on top, make some basic QA (nw) angelosa2020-04-251-4/+17
* | (nw) goori fix Robbbert2020-04-251-0/+1
* | New working machines hap2020-04-259-17/+660
* goori.cpp : continued work - fixed eeprom hookup (nw) (#6588) David Haywood2020-04-241-58/+28