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* version bump (nw)mame0216 Vas Crabb2019-11-262-4/+4
* don't attempt to load a translation file if the language setting is empty (nw) Vas Crabb2019-11-261-1/+4
* -bgfx: Fixed Github issue #5961. [Ryan Holtz] MooglyGuy2019-11-256-2/+2
* Opengl: Apply line width provided by renderer. [Couriersud] couriersud2019-11-251-0/+1
* bgfx: Fix edge case around B/C/G settings. [Couriersud] couriersud2019-11-251-1/+2
* srcclean (nw) Vas Crabb2019-11-253-3/+3
* -bgfx: Fixed Github issues #5830 and #5956. [Ryan Holtz] MooglyGuy2019-11-2575-69/+180
* clean up capitalisation in titles (nw) Vas Crabb2019-11-252-11/+11
* srcclean and indentation cleanup (nw) Vas Crabb2019-11-2489-1637/+1637
* popeye: Minor modernization. (nw) couriersud2019-11-242-1/+4
* netlist: clang lint fixes and standalone build fix. (nw) couriersud2019-11-244-4/+6
* Opengl render driver: fix bug preventing adjustment of ... [Couriersud] couriersud2019-11-241-1/+1
* Merge pull request #5955 from DavidHaywood/241119_2 R. Belmont2019-11-231-2/+10
| * vt1682 - tweak fallthrough bg colour, improves fade to white cases (nw) DavidHaywood2019-11-241-2/+10
* Merge pull request #5954 from DavidHaywood/241119 ajrhacker2019-11-231-50/+52
| * vt1682 - render sprites line by line, fix rasters on Place Kick title screen DavidHaywood2019-11-241-50/+52
* new not working machine Ivan Vangelista2019-11-233-3/+78
* visicom.xml: forgot to change the shortname (nw) Justin Kerk2019-11-231-1/+1
* visicom.xml: Use romanized titles instead of translations (nw) Justin Kerk2019-11-231-3/+3
* New working clone braintro2019-11-232-21/+48
* namcops2.cpp: MT07489 (nw) Ivan Vangelista2019-11-231-4/+4
* ssrj.cpp: fixed MT07492 [sasuke] Ivan Vangelista2019-11-231-8/+12
* -netlist: Add new devices to net_lib.cpp, nw mooglyguy2019-11-231-0/+4
* flstory.cpp: added dip-switch locations [Guru] Ivan Vangelista2019-11-231-76/+77
* -multipcm: Added optional compile-time sample logging. [Ryan Holtz] mooglyguy2019-11-232-0/+48
* Mark trsvidtx as bad dump (nw) R. Belmont2019-11-231-1/+1
* m37710: More accurate mapping of port and interrupt registers; de-duplicate a... AJR2019-11-232-173/+204
* -netlist: Fixed typo on 7442 diagram, nw MooglyGuy2019-11-231-1/+1
* (nw) Housekeeping Robbbert2019-11-231-0/+1
* -netlist: Added 7442 4-Line BCD to 10-Line Decimal Decoder. [Ryan Holtz] MooglyGuy2019-11-233-0/+169
* -netlist: Fix typo, nw MooglyGuy2019-11-231-1/+1
* -netlist: Added 7492 Divide-by-12 Counter. [Ryan Holtz] MooglyGuy2019-11-233-0/+200
* New working software list additions mooglyguy2019-11-231-0/+31
* Merge pull request #5948 from cam900/tmap038_mirror R. Belmont2019-11-224-34/+28
| * tmap038.cpp : Add tile size check related to vram is found, Move mirroring ma... cam9002019-11-234-34/+28
* | New machines added as MACHINE_NOT_WORKING arbee2019-11-222-0/+10
* | Update Apple II softlists to Nov 22nd, 2019 (#5949) Firehawke2019-11-223-1/+318
* apple2: fix recognition of .NIB images on the old diskii controller (MT #7496... arbee2019-11-222-3/+3
* util/options.cpp: fix locale issues and a const correctness issue Vas Crabb2019-11-234-93/+174
* popeye: Applied recommended code changes. (nw) couriersud2019-11-232-6/+10
* popeye: Add interlaced rendering. [Couriersud] couriersud2019-11-234-26/+86
* bbc_ramdisc: Added configuration option to select 1MB or 2MB model (nw) Nigel Barnes2019-11-222-8/+12
* bml3: Added Hitachi Real Time Clock card [Russell Bull] Nigel Barnes2019-11-224-1/+161
* -bgfx: Fixed broken rendering when using bgfx_screen_chains none, nw mooglyguy2019-11-223-7/+28
* at:cpp: added motherboards (#5942) rfka012019-11-222-14/+46
* Merge pull request #5941 from DavidHaywood/211119 R. Belmont2019-11-224-128/+25
| * hook up victnine mcu, tested that it boots at least DavidHaywood2019-11-214-128/+25
* | vt1682.cpp - (plug & play) Implement Sprite Priority + notes (#5945) David Haywood2019-11-221-283/+413
* | Merge pull request #5943 from JoakimLarsson/eismda Joakim Larsson Edström2019-11-227-604/+719
|\ \
| * | mda.cpp, eis_hgb107x: Ericsson High resolution Monochrome Graphics Board 1070... Joakim Larsson Edstrom2019-11-227-604/+719