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diff --git a/src/devices/imagedev/floppy.cpp b/src/devices/imagedev/floppy.cpp
index a18308b5f36..c69e55b7a19 100644
--- a/src/devices/imagedev/floppy.cpp
+++ b/src/devices/imagedev/floppy.cpp
@@ -252,7 +252,11 @@ void floppy_image_device::set_formats(const floppy_format_type *formats)
extension_list[0] = '\0';
fif_list = nullptr;
- for(int cnt=0; formats[cnt]; cnt++)
+ // FIXME: this code previously treated formats as an array, but none of the actual formats in src/lib/formats provide an array - they all just supply a single function pointer
+ // This happens to work by chance if the next poitner-sized piece of BSS data happens to be zero, which it is most of the time.
+ // However, for some reason on a Linux clang 6 build it sometimes isn't, causing a lovely crash here.
+ // If this is supposed to be a nullptr-terminated array of function pointers, the code needs to be changed to better enforce it.
+ for(int cnt=0; /*formats[cnt]*/ !cnt; cnt++)
// allocate a new format
floppy_image_format_t *fif = formats[cnt]();