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diff --git a/src/devices/bus/snes/sa1.cpp b/src/devices/bus/snes/sa1.cpp
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--- a/src/devices/bus/snes/sa1.cpp
+++ b/src/devices/bus/snes/sa1.cpp
@@ -34,13 +34,13 @@
derbyjo2: hangs going into game
dbzhypd, dbzhypdj: plays OK
habumeij: boots, goes into game, on-screen timer counts down after SA-1 is enabled but controls aren't responsive
- haruaug3a, pebble, haruaug3: uses SA-1 DMA
+ haruaug3a, pebble, haruaug3: plays OK
itoibass: boots, some missing gfx
jikkparo: plays OK
jl96drem: plays OK
jumpind: boots and runs, uses SA-1 normal DMA only but has corrupt gfx
kakinoki: S-CPU crashes after pressing start
- kirby3j, kirby3: uses SA-1 DMA
+ kirby3j, kirby3: plays OK
kirbysdb, kirbyss, kirbyfun, kirbysd, kirbysda: plays OK
marvelou: plays OK, uses SA-1 normal DMA only but has corrupt gfx
miniyonk: plays OK
@@ -55,7 +55,7 @@
shinshog: plays OK
shogisai: plays OK
shogisa2: plays OK
- smrpgj, smrpg: needs SA-1 character conversion for level up Bonus Chance (possible to get past now)
+ smrpgj, smrpg: plays OK
srobotg: some corrupt in-game GFX, may be SNES rendering errors
sshogi3: plays OK
taikyoid: plays OK