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<!-- Notes: optional SK-1100 keyboard support -->
+ <!--
+ The mode for 2 players requires 2 Mark III consoles, both with
+ the SK-1100 keyboard, plus a cable to link the keyboards through
+ their printer port. To emulate this setup, it is necessary to run
+ two instances of MAME and make a point-to-point connection between
+ them using the bitbanger (bitb) stream that is provided by the
+ kblink device, that simulates the function of the cable link.
+ Example for a localhost ( connection:
+ mame64 -window sg1000m3 -card f16falcjc -sgexp sk1100 -sgexp:sk1100:printer kblink -bitb socket.
+ mame64 -window sg1000m3 -card f16falcjc -sgexp sk1100 -sgexp:sk1100:printer kblink -bitb socket.
+ After run both instances, press the CR key on the keyboard when
+ the title screen is displayed. Next, when asked which player
+ (1 or 2), the user needs to press 1 on the keyboard of one
+ instance, switch to the other instance and press 2 on the keyboard
+ (due to key 1 is mapped by default to the PAUSE function of the
+ console, it is recommended first remap PAUSE to avoid conflict).
+ Next, when LEVEL 1 appears on the screen, press the SPACE key on
+ each instance to start playing the game.
+ -->
<software name="f16falcjc" cloneof="f16fight">
<description>F-16 Fighting Falcon (Jpn, MyCard)</description>