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(nw) Clean up the mess on master
This effectively reverts b380514764cf857469bae61c11143a19f79a74c5 and c24473ddff715ecec2e258a6eb38960cf8c8e98e, restoring the state at 598cd5227223c3b04ca31f0dbc1981256d9ea3ff. Before pushing, please check that what you're about to push is sane. Check your local commit log and ensure there isn't anything out-of-place before pushing to mainline. When things like this happen, it wastes everyone's time. I really don't need this in a week when real work™ is busting my balls and I'm behind where I want to be with preparing for MAME release.
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diff --git a/src/zexall/zexall.cpp b/src/zexall/zexall.cpp
index f05b20ca12f..f9fff9b2526 100644
--- a/src/zexall/zexall.cpp
+++ b/src/zexall/zexall.cpp
@@ -141,11 +141,12 @@ INPUT_PORTS_END
Machine Drivers
+void zexall_state::zexall(machine_config &config)
/* basic machine hardware */
- MCFG_DEVICE_ADD("maincpu", Z80, XTAL(3'579'545))
+ Z80(config, m_maincpu, XTAL(3'579'545));
+ m_maincpu->set_addrmap(AS_PROGRAM, &zexall_state::z80_mem);