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author Aaron Giles <>2010-01-10 00:29:26 +0000
committer Aaron Giles <>2010-01-10 00:29:26 +0000
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First round of an attempted cleanup of header files in the system.
- Created new central header "emu.h"; this should be included by pretty much any driver or device as the first include. This file in turn includes pretty much everything a driver or device will need, minus any other devices it references. Note that emu.h should *never* be included by another header file. - Updated all files in the core (src/emu) to use emu.h. - Removed a ton of redundant and poorly-tracked header includes from within other header files. - Temporarily changed driver.h to map to emu.h until we update files outside of the core. Added class wrapper around tagmap so it can be directly included and accessed within objects that need it. Updated all users to embed tagmap objects and changed them to call through the class. Added nicer functions for finding devices, ports, and regions in a machine: machine->device("tag") -- return the named device, or NULL machine->port("tag") -- return the named port, or NULL machine->region("tag"[, &length[, &flags]]) -- return the named region and optionally its length and flags Made the device tag an astring. This required touching a lot of code that printed the device to explicitly fetch the C-string from it. (Thank you gcc for flagging that issue!)
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diff --git a/src/osd/osdepend.h b/src/osd/osdepend.h
index b2d1484085e..25d01c7d8d9 100644
--- a/src/osd/osdepend.h
+++ b/src/osd/osdepend.h
@@ -68,8 +68,10 @@
#include "emucore.h"
#include "osdcore.h"
-#include "inptport.h"
-#include "timer.h"
+class input_type_desc;
+class device_config;
@@ -124,7 +126,6 @@
void osd_init(running_machine *machine);
void osd_wait_for_debugger(const device_config *device, int firststop);