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Overhaul to how MAME handles options (#2260)
This is an overhaul to how MAME handles options to provide a better foundation for what MAME is already doing in practice. Previously, core_options was designed to provide an input/output facility for reading options from the command line and INI files. However, the current needs (image/slot/get_default_card_software calculus and MewUI) go way beyond that. Broadly, this PR makes the following changes: * core_options now has an extensibility mechanism, so one can register options that behave dramatically differently * With that foundation, emu_options now encapsulates all of the funky image/slot/get_default_card_software calculus that were previously handled by static methods in mameopts.cpp. Changes to emu_options should not automatically cascade in such a way so that it stays in a consistent state * emu_options no longer provides direct access to the slot_options/image_options maps; there are simpler API functions that control these capabilities * Many core_options functions that expose internal data structures (e.g. - priority) that were only really needed because of previous (now obsolete) techniques have been removed. * core_options is now exception based (rather than dumping text to an std::string). The burden is on the caller to catch these, and discern between warnings and errors as needed. Obviously this is a risky change; that's why this is being submitted at the start of the dev cycle.
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diff --git a/src/osd/modules/lib/osdobj_common.h b/src/osd/modules/lib/osdobj_common.h
index df8096840cf..2c2f750fdbe 100644
--- a/src/osd/modules/lib/osdobj_common.h
+++ b/src/osd/modules/lib/osdobj_common.h
@@ -270,7 +270,7 @@ private:
// FIXME: should be elsewhere
osd_module *select_module_options(const core_options &opts, const std::string &opt_name)
- std::string opt_val = opts.value(opt_name.c_str());
+ std::string opt_val = opts.exists(opt_name) ? opts.value(opt_name.c_str()) : "";
if ("auto")==0)
opt_val = "";
else if (!m_mod_man.type_has_name(opt_name.c_str(), opt_val.c_str()))