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Fixed an options overhaul regression (#2530)
This crash (discovered by Wizz) had the following symptoms: 1. Start MAME 2. Choose "Configure Machine" 3. Choose "Video Options" CRASH This was the result of the options editor not having a fully formed list of options where it was expecting one. The fix is to change the declaration of emu_options to one that have full OSD options (it is possible that SDLMAME needs something slightly different) I created a osd_setup_osd_specific_emu_options(emu_options &) function that given an emu_options, will slap on system specific options. I see this as only marginally less gross, and I have zero opinion on whether this should be changed to return an emu_options (rather than have a reference parameter), be a static method on emu_options, or what have you.
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diff --git a/src/osd/modules/lib/osdobj_common.h b/src/osd/modules/lib/osdobj_common.h
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--- a/src/osd/modules/lib/osdobj_common.h
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@@ -169,7 +169,6 @@ public:
const char *pa_device() const { return value(OSDOPTION_PA_DEVICE); }
const float pa_latency() const { return float_value(OSDOPTION_PA_LATENCY); }
static const options_entry s_option_entries[];